FØNX: Can’t Get Enough Single Review


Can’t Get Enough is the debut single by pop-RnB singer-songwriter & producer FØNX. This tasty track was produced by grammy-award winner Tommaso Colliva (Muse). It’s core electronic samples, beats and guitars create an instant hook and a fresh sound.

Can’t Get Enough came to life at a time where FØNX found himself homeless and sofa surfing. Drawing influence from the likes of Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, John Mayer and Tame Impala, he’d write wherever he could from trains, buses to coffee shops and has played shows across London building up his profile and fanbase.

Back when he was only 7 years old FØNX started to learning how to play the guitar, during his teenage years he was introduced to the world of  rap and hip hop which sparked his enthusiasm to start writing lyrics and create backing tracks from samples.

Having graduated from The Brit School, FØNX continued to write and produce his compositions at home, on trains, buses, in coffee shops and backstage before shows, constantly coming up with ideas for melodies and lyrics wherever he went.

Now let’s get back to the tantalising tune in question. Can’t Get Enough is an impressive song which left me completely captivated. This was the very first time I’d listened to any material from FØNX and I was literally blown away from those richly crisp vocal tones. The melody was upbeat pop/ rock then seconds later FØNX came in with his epic upbeat rap esque vocal tones and then you had those luscious lyrics which had me hooked. Just from closing my eyes I’m picturing Ed Sheeran.

On the whole FØNX  is a talented singer/ songwriter/ producer who has a bright future ahead of him. I for one cannot wait to hear more outstanding originals in the nearby future.

Can’t Get Enough is available on iTunes

Official Website


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