Daily Dig: Skyler


Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia you have the newest pop princess on the block and this being Skyler Chissell. She’s a sensational singer/ songwriter who moved to Los Angeles when she was 10 years old to pursue modeling and acting, then she decided that she wanted to be a singer which made Chissell a triple threat (Skyler actually appeared in Lil Wayne’s “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like” music video) Music is something that is flowing through her veins and judging the material currently out there I can tell that Skyler is extremely passionate about succeeding in this industry.

Now Chissell has joint citizenship, her father comes from America and her mother grew up in Bournemouth, UK. This then resulted in Skyler being able to spend time between the USA and the UK. She’s also an avid supporter of Arsenal Football Club (her Uncle was born in Highbury hospital which was next to Arsenal’s old Highbury stadium) and she has an obsession with Penguins. Aside from that Skyler devotes much of her free time to volunteering at animal rescue centres (she has a rescue dog called Mouse who’s a German Sheppard/ St Bernard mix).

Finally Skyler is also a stand up comedian plus she’s a blue belt in extreme martial arts.

Fire: Let’s take things back to 29th January 2016, at 16 years old Skyler had unveiled her debut single and this being Fire. This tantalising tune was released via Palila Recordings and it featured the vocals of the one and only Snoop Dogg. Getting a big name to feature on your debut single is quite a big deal. Anyways Fire was an edgy pop R&B infusion which resulted in an anthem perfect for any summer.

I’ve literally had this single on constant repeat, those sassy lyrics were so captivating and Skyler’s vibrant vocals transformed Fire into something club friendly.

I Just Wanna Dance: 5 months later Skyler independently released her sophomore single and this being I Just Wanna Dance. Now this was a fun fuelled synth pop jam aided by luscious lyrics which had me hooked. That bubbly melody makes me want to jump up and down. This dance inspired track also caught the attention of Randy Jackson.

You can purchase Fire and I Just Wanna Dance from iTunes

Carnival: We then get to the present, recently Skyler has unveiled her newest single and this being Carnival. This tempting tune is a duet with MacKenzie Bourg of American Idol fame. Now this sumptuous song was an acoustic driven ballad aided by sweet and tender lyrics which I fell for hook line and sinker. Skyler’s vocals were sugary sweet and Mac’s tones were buttery smooth, at the same time I was left in an utter trance. I found this ballad to be rather sweet as the lyrics point to a lost love that’s been rekindled.

Carnival is the lead single from the upcoming Randy Jackson produced debut EP.

You can purchase Carnival from iTunes

Official Site


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