Cardiknox: Fuck With You Single Review


Dazzling duo Cardiknox come all the way from the USA. I first came across this talented two piece whist watching the first season of MTV’s Scream TV Series, the song in question being Technicolor Dreaming. Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton met way back in 2010 and three years later they teamed up to form Cardiknox. Way back in 2015 they played the Reading/ Leeds festivals, I was extremely lucky to witness them at Birthdays in Dalston 26th August 2015. I even met both Lonnie and Thomas after the show and they are both super lovely. They’ve even toured alongside Carly Rae Jepsen, The Knocks, and Phoebe Ryan in the United States.

Having unveiled debut album Portrait last March (my imported vinyl copy is my pride and joy) this tasty two piece are back with a brand new cut. Fuck With You is a fearless, chest-pounding pop anthem which rising stars Teal & Omega (Daya, Gwen Stefani, Panic! At the Disco, Christina Aguilera) produced.

I’ve had this succulent song on constant repeat, Fuck With You is basically a summer anthem which resonates plenty of synth pop goodness. Now this whimsical tune sees both Lonnie and Thomas share the lead vocals. Dutton’s vocals were smooth/ rich whilst Angle’s tones were sugary sweet which had me picturing Charli XCX. Anyhow the upbeat Fuck With You was a refreshing jam aided by blissful/ enchanting vocals and captivating lyrics which can quite easily have you rocking out. Now this sumptuous single has elevated Cardiknox to new heights and I for one cannot wait for the next chapter.

Here is what Lonnie had to say about this tasty track “Sometimes being in love is intense. And wonderful and hard and unexplainable. And no matter what bullshit life and people are throwing at you, it’s really only about you and that other person. None of the other noise matters. That’s what ‘Fuck With You’ is about. We wanted you to feel that message almost louder than hearing it in the lyric”.

We then get to the official music video which Thomas directed. Fuck With You took 4 full days to film and required 700 long-exposure photos £shot in the desert in the middle of the night), 500 hand-drawn sketches, and 24 takes of every shot (to create the stop-motion animation). The finished article is a vision of beauty.

Cardiknox do have a good thing going here and I for one cannot wait to hear more new material in the nearby future.

Fuck With You is available to purchase from iTunes (USA/ UK)

Official Site


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