Introducing: Audrey X


Audrey X is an exquisite talent all the way from Stockholm, Sweden and she made her musical debut way back in 2015 with the superb single Volcano. Anyways music is something that Audrey is incredibly passionate about, when she was young she sang in a church choir and therefore realised her potential leading her to seek out professional assistance to advance her abilities as a singer. Audrey was then coached once a week by vocal coach Christoffer Lauridsen. Shortly after she began recording her debut single Volcano, following this songs success Audrey then went on to releasing a trio of singles in 2016 and this being Never Gonna Leave, Club Of Jaded Hearts and Crystal Lights.

As a result, Audrey was interviewed by radio stations across the U.S. and the U.K., and received airplay in countries across the globe, including Japan. In addition, the track was played in every Lindex store worldwide.

Black Skies: This is the newest Audrey X single and it’s a complete cracker. This anthem is a pop gem, those whimsical lyrics are so contagious “There are human beings/ Yet no human/ Human beings yet no humanity/ When push comes to shove/ Our true colours come to light”  and Audrey’s powerhouse vocals were sugary sweet. I have nothing but praise for this tasty tune, if you love your Scandi pop then give Audrey X a listen to. The first time I heard this cut made my jaw drop, Black Skies was an uplifting anthem which had been written to perfection. This number is in fact the first of a set of standalone singles she plans to release throughout 2017.

Crystal Lights: Having been addicted to Black Skies I then chose to look into Audrey’s back catalogue. Crystal Lights came out last November and it was released via Linktown Records. This outstanding original was a whimsical seasonal song which blew my mind. Actually it feels weird listening to a Christmas song in July but this tantalising tune left me with a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. Still this succulent single was a right epic, Audrey’s vocals were so powerful and those luscious lyrics make me look forward to the festive period.

Club Of Jaded Hearts: Released via Aruba Records is this sensational tune. 28th July saw Audrey unleash her third single and as expected it an incredible piece of perfection. Club Of Jaded Hearts is a pure synth delight, the exquisite melody was rather upbeat and Audrey’s sassy vocals were slick. Everything about this pop tinged cut was top notch, Audrey really has a gift when it comes to writing addictive tunes “You keeping me on your radar/ But I’m a chink in you chain of stars/ Won’t join your Club Of Jaded Hearts”. I’ve literally had this succulent song on constant repeat, the lyrics to this song have me picturing a guy who has a reputation for being a played. He’s interested in Audrey but she’s having none of it as she doesn’t want to be a notch on the bed post.

Never Gonna Leave: Audrey’s sophomore single came in the shape of Never Gonna Leave. This tasty treat was released on the Auruba Records imprint and it was her first offering of 2016. Just listening to NGL leaves me utterly enthralled, this sumptuous song was a refreshing pop jam aided by Audrey’s blissful vocal tones and edgy clear cut lyrics which have me picturing an unhealthy relationship “We break up and make up/ To set our hearts on fire/ Never Gonna Leave Ya/ I’m falling from the high/ Can’t get you off my mind”.

Volcano: August 2015 saw Audrey X independently make her debut with the magical Volcano. This song leaves me lost for words, Volcano was a feel good pop anthem which can quite easily have you moving on the spot. Audrey’s sticky sweet vocals were incredibly hypnotic then you had those impeccable lyrics which had me grinning from beginning till end “Jump jump to the beat yeah/ I’ll twist you till you’re spinning off your feet yeah/ Oh this is my show boy mm/ And I’m a Volcano, Volcano/ I’ll make you go/ Jump jump falling free yeah/ Keep dreaming of my love so sticky sweet yeah/ Oh this is my show boy mm/ And I’m a volcano, volcano/ So hot you’ll go”. This captivating debut was Disney esque which result in an addictive anthem.

Having listened to all 5 Audrey X singles I can tell she has something extremely special. Her songwriting skills are something else and those vibrant vocals were both light and mesmerising. Audrey’s star is burning so bright and I for one cannot wait to hear what the rest of 2017 holds for her.

Audrey’s singles are available on iTunes

Official Site


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