Grace Blue: Grace Blue EP Review


Grace Blue are an exciting pop duo who’ve recently unleashed their debut self titled EP. This dazzling duo consist of vocalist Grace Mogz and keyboard player Joseph Arazi. Based in Los Angeles, this talented two piece originally met at their hometown Tel-aviv, Israel.

Back to this exquisite EP, where  do I start this self titled effort is literally a masterpiece. Those 5 fantastic tracks have been drenched in plenty of pop goodness and I’m reminded of the likes of Florence and the Machine. Things open up with the smooth and sleek Wasted Youth. This was a faultless anthem esque tune aided by blissful but infectious lyrics and then you had Mogz’s mesmerising vocal tones. The chilled out Wasted Youth was an epic synth delight which left me in  dream like state. Track 2 comes in the shape of Our Eyes. Now this catchy tune is a refreshing slice of perfection which left me utterly enthralled. Grace’s vocals were extremely blissful and on the whole this number was pleasant on the ear. Nowhere To Go was a glitzy piece of perfection, those enticing lyrics were so slick and then you had Grace’s soothing vocals which sent shivers down my spine. Fix Itself was a spellbinding effort which had me picturing Florence Welch. I found the lyrics to be rather beautiful with added tinges of sadness. This number focuses on a fractured relationship and how they hope the cracks will Fix Itself. Second Guess was a majestical tune which I fell for hook line and sinker. The usage of the piano gave this succulent song a feeling of darkness.

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