Daily Dig: Lina


Lina Makhoul is an exciting singer/ songwriter who won the 2nd season of The Voice Israel. She actually made history as she was the first Arab to win this music competition. Her huge talent was recognised by manager Irit TenHengel who signed her to Yodan Productions.

The aftermath of her win has been a real whirlwind. From performing alongside Queen and Adam Lambert in front of 60,000 people through to Alicia Keys tweeting her support for Lina’s moving rendition of ‘The Holy War’.

At this moment in time Lina has three singles under her belt and the upcoming debut album Walking On A Tightrope will drop this year. Now this LP was produced by Grammy Award winner Jerry Wonda and Tal Forer. The album features songs Lina received from some of the world’s most successful songwriters and includes the song ‘Tightrope’ that she co-wrote with the prolific Karen Poole and the revered writer-producer , and Grammy Award winner Eliot Kennedy.

The debut single This Ain’t About You was released worldwide on the 29 April 2016. It actually achieved a top 10 in the UK Music-Week’s Club and Pop Charts. I’ve listened to the three singles and preview clips of the tunes which feature on the album. I’m greatly excited for what the future will hold for Lina. Aside from that This Ain’t About You was a majestical piece of perfection, plenty of sassiness oozed from the entrancing vocals and those impeccable lyrics had me hooked from the word go. Still This Ain’t About You focused on relationship which had fizzled out “I won’t push out/ Just let it be/ I can’t help it coz you’re killing me/ This Ain’t About You”.

Towards the end of 2016, Makhoul unveiled her sophomore single and this being Dance Sucker. Now this is an impressive single which blends the pop and dance genres. Dance Sucker is an infectious cut aided by Lina’s sublime vocal tones and plenty of thumping electronic beats. On my very first listen I was immediately hooked, everything about Dance Sucker is sheer perfection and this feel good track makes me want to dance to the beats.

Can’t Keep Falling is Lina’s latest single. Released in May, this is one spectacular single which was co-penned with Brit Award nominee Maegan Cottone (Demi Lovato / Little Mix / Iggy Azalea / Britney Spears). Oozing plenty of summery vibes, Can’t Keep Falling is a dance pop anthem which is refreshingly infectious. The lyrics left me enthralled and Lina’s sassy vocal tones reminded me of Dua Lipa (Be The One). Those perfect beats will easily have you moving on the spot. Aside from that this splendid track sees Lina mention about the ups and downs of a relationship “We make up and we break up/ That’s where this love takes us/ Baby we go back and forth/ And in and out/ And up and down/ I Can’t Keep Falling/ Falling/ In and out of love with you”.

Both Dance Sucker and Can’t Keep Falling are available to purchase from iTunes

From what I’ve listened to Lina has plenty of potential to cause waves here in the United Kingdom. Her star is burning so bright and I literally cannot wait for more originals in the future. The three singles are insanely catchy and the preview clips of the tunes from the upcoming album are sublime. Her candy coated vocals are superb and Makhoul’s songwriting skills are extraordinary.

I really do relish the prospect of seeing her live this year.

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