Maggie Rogers @ Electric Brixton 21st June 2017



All the way from Maryland, USA is impeccable singer/ songwriter Maggie Rogers. She actually made her debut back in 2012 with The Echo LP, 2 years later she followed it up with another full length and this being Blood Ballet. Both of these were independently released. Now signed to Capitol Records, February 2017 saw Rogers unleash her debut EP Now That The Light Is Fading. It was late last year when I came across Maggie’s music, her song Alaska had me utterly enthralled and the follow up Dog Years was a work of art.

Earlier this year Rogers performed 2 sold out shows at Omeara, unfortunately due to clashes I couldn’t make either date. When it was announced Maggie Rogers was to headline Electric Brixton this June I immediately snapped up a ticket. When the day came I arrived at the venue an hour before doors and I was surprised that I was the 2nd person there. Maybe it had something to do with the heatwave we were experiencing.


Now this sensational set consisted of 12 songs, Maggie performed the entire Now That The Light Is Fading EP, 2 covers, 2 from sophomore LP Blood Ballet and 3 new compositions. Now the evening start with Color Song, taken from the current EP this was a chilling slow paced number which literally hypnotised me. This number was literally jaw dropping, Maggie’s angelic vocals were incredibly fragile and it made me envision Aurora. Infused to the ending you had a sparkling new cut and this coming in the form of Split Stones. This tune was rather upbeat and it easily had me moving on the spot. Those succulent lyrics were incredibly mesmerising and Rogers’s vocals oozed plenty of pop vibes which reminded me of Florence Welch. Split Stones was a fresh and funky cut which left me utterly enthralled. I really hope this features on Maggie’s debut album. “My name is Maggie Rogers and this is the biggest that I’ve ever played” Rogers mentioned before embarking onto Dog Years. One word for this captivating cut would be epic. Dog Years was an infectious tune aided by exquisite vocals and infectious lyrics which packed a fierce punch. “This next song I wrote as a homework assignment” Rogers said before embarking onto Resonant Body which appeared on the sophomore Blood Ballet LP. I have to say this sensational song was a sheer piece of perfection. Maggie’s vocals were a force to be reckoned with and those upbeat lyrics easily had me moving on the spot “I’m a Resonant Body/ With elbows and toes/ Drum on my rib cage/ Release my dissonant tones/ My dissonant tones/ My dissonant tones”. Yet again Rogers’s sublime vocals had me picturing Florence Welch.


“This song’s about having a crush. So feel free to look around and have a cry” Maggie mentioned before embarking onto newie Say It. Now this enchanting tune was incredibly beautiful, the vocals were incredibly beautiful and the lyrics actually tugged on my heartstrings “I cannot fall in love with you/ I cannot feel this way too soon/ I cannot be this way with you/ I cannot fall in love with you”. Once over it was time for a bit of Hashtag, whist this number doesn’t appear on either albums or EP it does appear in demo form on Soundcloud. “This is a song I wrote when my country held it’s election. It’s kind of funny to be playing it now, especially here because it’s about humidity and heat. I’ve been playing it onstage in the set over the winter and now it’s been a really big release for me and helped me feel better about things” Maggie said to the audience before diving into this dreamy tune. Rogers perfectly delivered this impeccable number on the electric guitar. The mesmerising vocals were ever so exquisite and those lyrics had me in complete awe. The short chorus was so relatable “And I-I-I’m sweating/ I am sweating”. It was then back to a cut from Blood Ballet and this was the majestical Little Joys. Anyways this was an electrifying cut which saw Rogers take to the electric guitar, the vocals were crisp and I was picturing Lissie. Meshed to the ending was Better, appearing on the latest EP this was one formidable track which Maggie flawlessly delivered. Smothered in plenty of twinkling synths the delightful Better packed a punch. Plenty of indie pop vibes radiated from this pristine performance and the smoothness of the infectious lyrics had me moving on the spot.


“This is a song by Neil Young” Maggie Rogers said before tackling Harvest Moon. Now Maggie’s interpretation of this song was unique as plenty of dance vibes oozed from the performance. After plenty of applause it was onto the latest single and this being On & Off. This cut was flawlessly delivered, the vocals were pitch perfect and those delectable lyrics had everyone singing along. Things then came to an end with the sensational Alaska. “Thank you all for being here” Rogers humbly said before diving into this fan favourite. Anyhow this was an exquisite song which everyone sang along to, those tantalising lyrics were sugary sweet and sent shivers down my spine. Once over Maggie and her band left the stage only for a sole Maggie to return moments later. She then capped off the extraordinary evening with a cover of The Sundays Here’s Where The Story Ends.


Color Song
Split Stones
Dog Years
Resonant Body
Say It
Little Joys
Harvest Moon
On & Off


Here’s Where The Story Ends


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