The King’s Parade: Mother Tongue Single Review

The King’s Parade formed way back in 2012 but made their emergence onto the music scene with the independently released Bunched Up Letters in 2015. Months later they released the debut Vagabond EP which featured the likes of Bunched Up Letters, Silhouette, Vagabond and Belsize Lane.

Now this impeccable quartet comprimise of Olly Corpe, Sam Rooney, Tom English and Chris Bren. They came to my attention four months ago after I heard the lead single Haze taken from the Haze EP which they released in May.

Mother Tongue was released way back in May and here is what they have to say “‘Mother Tongue’ is about realising you’re losing touch with where you came from. You haven’t necessarily changed as a person but your ambitions and ideals have. It’s always difficult to get the balance right between moving forward and sticking to your roots. Ultimately, the person you were will always be within you and it’s important to be aware of that”.

Today (17th July) this fantastic four piece have just dropped the official music video and as expected it’s utterly amazing. Now this succulent single oozed bundles of soul and Olly’s buttery smooth vocals reminded me of the likes of John Newman. Now Mother Tongue is an enticing single which was perfectly delivered and those luscious lyrics were incredibly relaxing.

The King’s Parade are a formidable force and I literally cannot wait to hear more from them in the future.

The Haze EP is available to purchase from iTunes



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