Nescora: Some Place Some Where Album Preview


This Friday (21st July) sees Nescora drop his latest album Some Place Some Where. I’ve been lucky enough to preview this delectable LP and the 8 tunes featured are pure perfection. Nes was born in the East Village of Manhattan in the 1960’s, he was a natural musician with a deep love for Motown music. This led him to perform in a harmony group which  resulted in major stints at the Apollo as a teen where he won Amateur night 6 weeks straight. He later moved to Puerto Rico, recruited to play pro basketball. He now esides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC.

Nescora made his debut back in 2015 with the succulent single Joy & Happiness. Two years later he was back with his 4th release and this being Rescue. Aside from that this impeccable album compromised of 8 self penned tracks which had been drenched in plenty of Americana/ Folk goodness. Now opening up this impeccable LP was Together Play, Together Pray which radiated plenty of Americana vibes. This captivating cut left me well and truly enthralled, Nes’s vocals were slightly husky and those tasty lyrics were sheer bliss. I especially liked the middle 8 “I guess I’ doing fine just hanging around/ I got this troubled mind but it keeps me down/ There ain’t no place or no one to be round/ But my feet up on the ground”. The accompanying melody was extremely entrancing. All in all this catchy number had me taping my toe. Rescue was a fast pace honky tonk tinged track which resulted in something rather infectious. There was a richness to those crisp vocals which I found to be rather pleasant on my ear. Krazy Over U was a light sounding ballad which left me completely enchanted. Those lyrics were incredibly sweet “Hey wont you please come and take me to your home/ I’ve got no where to go and I’m all alone/ I need someone to make me feel like I belong/ And you seem to pick me up and make me feel strong” and Nes’s vibrant vocal tones were so soothing. All in all this charming number left me utterly spellbound. Pray For Rain was an upbeat Americana flavour jam aided by punchy vocals and lyrics which had me tapping my toe “I Pray For Rain/ To help me wash away my pain”. Next it was time for a bit of Find Out and this being a bluesy/ folky cut which was utter perfection. This was one fine crafted cut and showcased Nes’s superb songwriting skills. Mini Coop was written for his favorite supermarket checkout girl who left Nes heart-broken when she revealed she was moving to Long Island. The song echoes Nes’s vow to buy her a mini coop for her journey. Track 7 come in the shape of Rapid In My Head, this was a fast flowing jam which felt like a hoe down. The vocals were flawless and those sumptuous lyrics left me completely mesmerised “She’s in my body/ She’s in my head/ She’s never in my bed/ But she’s running Rapid In My Head”. Things come to a close with the gospel tinged Days Are Gone. This number was given to Nes in a dream by his departed mother. He claims, “She came into my room with an old turntable and a record and said, ‘I have a song for you.’ I listened studiously and when I woke up I recorded it verbatim”.

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