Daily Dig: Dani Robert


Dani Robert is a sensational singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Toronto, Canada. 27th June saw this talented 25 year old drop her debut single Clouds and Oh My God this is a refreshing piece of perfection.

Robert’s introduction to music began at the age of 5, back then she learned to play the piano. Two years later Dani was writing her own songs, taking inspiration from personal experiences. Dani Robert has a burning passion for song writing and this led her to become a music therapist, helping people to express themselves through music. Here is what Robert has to say “The opportunity to use my songwriting as a way to not only express myself, my thoughts, ideas, my purpose, but to do that for others is undeniably one of the greatest gifts I have been given”.

She continues to develop her craft, playing a series of venues across Canada (Toronto Centre for the Arts, The Hard Rock Cafe).

From the material currently on Dani’s Soundcloud page I can tell she has something extremely special. Robert’s vocals were sugary sweet and her songwriting skills are on another level. Washing Machine was an upbeat piano based cut which had me picturing Regina Spektor. Then you had a rough recording of Until Morning which Danielle wrote for the soundtrack of an independent film that was shot in Cambridge and Vancouver.

Anyhow out with the old and in with the new. Last month Dani released her debut single Clouds independently. This song has already garnered 100K streams on Spotify. The track produced by Kyngs, Mic Tee (AMAG/ Cash Money/ Rich Gang), and Bryan ‘BC’ Cockett was featured on New Music Friday playlists in 10 countries all over the world (Canada, Sweden, Singapore among others).

This tantalising tune made my jaw drop, the upbeat Clouds was a mixture of pop meets folk and traces of EDM were added in for good measure. Dani Robert’s vocal tunes were candy coated and at the same time I was reminded of Kate McGill from the UK duo Meadowlark. Then you had the smooth tender lyrics which left me well and truly enthralled “You and I, you and I/ Are we scared? Are we scared?/ We can’t hold on, hold on/ To the end”. Basically Clouds is a summer anthem in the making and the song writing was utter genius. Robert’s had this to say regarding this track “Clouds demonstrates the challenge of speaking what’s in your heart, exploring vulnerability, the subjectivity of human connection, love, and time”.

11th July saw Robert’s unveil the official black and white music video for Clouds. Directed by Gord Poon and Long Truong this video tells the story of a lifelong friendship, featuring snapshots into their lives as toddlers, teens, and young adults, as they gradually develop feelings for one another.

Clouds is available to purchase from iTunes



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