Kali Uchis @ Jazz Cafe 12th June 2017



Columbia’s very own Kali Uchis performed 2 sold out evenings in London. The show at the Jazz Cafe was the first to be announced, once that show was a sell out Uchis added another date the night before at Oslo. Now this sumptuous set consisted of 13 tasty songs which left me utterly enthralled. Kali took to the stage looking like an Arabian Princess, what kickstarted the evening was Rush and this featured on the Por Vida EP. This tantalising tune was sheer bliss, those luscious lyrics left me spellbound and Uchis’s sugary sweet vocals were extremely light/ chilled. Plenty of people sang along to those contagious lyrics. “How you doing? Thank you for coming to my show. This is my first time in London. If you know any of the words to this next song feel free to help me out with it” Kali humbly said before getting stuck into Know What I Want. I’ve got so much admiration for this number, Know What I Want was a catchy upbeat number which oozed plenty of sass “They say one door open when another door close/ I’m prayin’ that’s the way that it goes/ Cause right when I’m ’bout to turn the door knob/ It seems it’s all locked up and the key decomposed/ Remind me this the life that I chose/ Go full speed, I can’t read, the signs that say stop/ I brush it off and try to act all nonchalant, yeah/ I notice everything, I just act like I don’t”. This contagious tune did have traces of reggae within the melody and Uchis literally nailed the vocals to perfection. Meshed to the ending of Know What I Want was Loner. All I can say is wow, Loner was a whimsical cut which can quite easily have you swaying on the spot. Kali Uchis’s vibrant vocals were incredibly pristine and at the same time they left me in a dream like state.


We’re going to play a new song for you next. So bare with us” Kali mentioned before giving us an exclusive of Teeth In My Neck. This was a fresh and funky track which had me moving on the spot “You know better/ You know, you know/ You know better/ You know, you know/ You know better/ You know, you know/ Your Teeth In My Neck”. I actually look forward to hearing the studio version of this belting tune. “This next song is from the first mixtape I ever made. I was just in my room with the music that I love” Uchis said before delving into What They Say. Now this was a sleek cut which oozed plenty of soulful goodness. Those dreamy lyrics had everyone singing along in unison “You don’t gotta listen to What They Say/ You don’t need to/ We can do it our own way, baby/ We can do” This magical song went down a treat with the sold out audience. Infused to What They Say was Kali’s own interpretation of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together. Her vocals were sugary sweet and at the same time shivers went up my spine. One word for Uchis’s version of Let’s Stay Together would be mesmerising. Once over it was then time for the short but sweet Lost In Paradise and this was a fast paced groovy jam which can easily get you moving. Killer was the next cut of the evening and this was yet another newie.


“So this next song we’ve never played before actually ever. I actually wrote this song a long time ago, I was living in my car. Somehow it’s made it onto my new album” Kali mentioned before they got stuck into this succulent track. Now this tune was extremely soulful and the delightful melody had me swaying in the spot. The lyrics were a work of art and there were smooth jazzy tones within Uchis’s sumptuous vocals. This slowie was similar to Loner. The following two numbers were Spanish. First up it was time for Suavemente and this being an Elvis Crespo cover. This tune radiated alot of fun filled vibes. I can speak a little Spanish but whenever I listen to foreign songs I cannot help but become engrossed in the track. La Diabla was meshed to the ending of Suavemente and this being a fast pace upbeat cut which packed a fierce punch. A special guest joined Kali for Tyrant and this being Jorja Smith. Flawlessly delivered the funky Tyrant was an infectious jam which completely captivated me. Once over it was then time for a bit of Ridin’ Round. Now the lyrics were pure bliss and this sweetly delivered song had an anthem feel to it “What the fuck you waiting for”. Overall this was a startling number which had a fierceness to it and ended what had been a fantastic set.

Kali and her band then left the stage only to return moments later for Sabor A Mi which was a Los Panchos cover. All in all this was one exquisite evening showcasing songs which show Kali has plenty of potential. Both Teeth In My Neck and Killer were so impeccable they have me anticipating the forthcoming debut album. I look forward to the day Uchis returns to the UK.


Know What I Want
Teeth In My Neck
What They Say
Let’s Stay Together
Lost In Paradise
La Diabla
Ridin’ Round


Sabor A Mi


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