Daily Dig: Kat Saul


Kat Saul is a talented singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Nashville, Tennessee. She’s even been marked “One to Watch” by the Nashville Songwriter’s Association International (NSAI) and was recognised twice by the Grammy Foundation for her work in voice and audio engineering production.

This impeccable 19 year old actually made her debut way back in December 2014. She actually self produced her debut EP Dangerous which compromised of 7 tunes. Whilst I couldn’t find this delectable mini album online I did come across Amy Peters performance of title song Dangerous (this was the first song Amy had cut for someone elses record). Anyhow this sumptuous song was super sassy and infectious as well.

Fast forward to 2017, Saul plans to release 5 singles over the space of this year. 21st April saw Kat unleash the wondrous Iconic. This number oozed plenty of powerful pop vibes and Saul’s sleek hypnotic vocals had me envisioning Lana Del Rey. Now this number showcased Kat Saul’s superb songwriting skills as those tasty lyrics had me hooked from beginning to end “Iconic/ You’ve got it/ All up in my vision/ Feeling something spiritual/ Iconic/ I want it/ Yeah your love is made of gold/ Put you on a pedestal/ And there’s is no one else that can love me like you/ And there’s no one else that can show me the truth”. All in all perfectly written Iconic was an utter epic which touched on the topic of love.

Iconic is available to download from iTunes

Recently Saul has unveiled her brand new single and this coming in the form of Body Language. I must say this tasty tune blew me away, Body Language was a fresh and funky cut which radiated plenty of summer vibes. This shimmering song was a work of art as those impeccable lyrics had me hooked and Kat’s chilled out vocal tones left me completely spellbound “Everything I thought I knew about myself/ Is tearing me up/ Now I might as well speak Spanish/ I don’t understand it, no/ I don’t know my Body, no don’t know my Body Language”.

From having listened to both Iconic and Body Language I can tell Kat Saul has something extremely special. Those two outstanding originals has me anticipating what the rest of 2017 holds for her.

Official Website


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