Sharlene-Monique: You Single Review

Sharlene-Monique is a quadruple threat, she’s not only a singer, songwriter and dancer but an inspirational speaker/blogger too. 30th June saw Sharlene release her debut single and this being the Chris Morris produced You (Drummer who has worked with Big Sean, Akala, Noel Robinson) plus it’s been mixed by Grammy-Award winner mix engineer Alan Branch (U2, Beverley Knight, Sade).

Last month Monique unveiled the music video for You and all I can say it WOW. The imagery accompany the lyrics perfectly. Sharlene’s vibrant vocals oozed plenty of soul and those delicious lyrics were extremely inspiring/ heart warming. Basically Sharlene Monique is saying that everyone is unique and beauty doesn’t only exist on the outside but it also exists on the inside “True beauty is not all about fitting into a mould/ There is only one You/ And there’s no one like You”.

Here is what Sharlene had to say regarding the music video “I’m really excited to be releasing music that I feel so passionate about. I really hope people connect with the message of the song. The video stirred up so many emotions inside because it reflects elements of my past”.

From having listened to this dazzling debut, I can see that Sharlene Monique’s star is burning bright and that passion makes me excited for the future. Her succulent vocal tones made me envision Lianne La Havas

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