Maria Kelly @ Sofar Sounds 29th May 2017



Maria Kelly performed a spectacular acoustic set as part of Sofar Sounds. Earlier on this month I witnessed this Irish songbird perform at Brighton’s The Great Escape and I was taken aback with the original material she sang. So this intimate Sofar Sounds gig took place in Hoxton and this short but sweet set showcased material from EP The Things I Should.

“Hello, this is called Stitches” a sole Maria said before diving into this delectable tune. Stitches was a deliciously dark number “I’ve got a black heart/ Swallowing Stitches/ There falling apart/ I was born to question everything/ The smallest spark/ The slightest sting” which Kelly delivered to perfection. Her fragile crisp vocals sent shivers up my spine which showcased her splendid songwriting skills. “It’s very strange I don’t have a mic. I feel like I’m at someone’s house party I wasn’t invited to” Maria quipped before diving into the spellbinding Far Below. Everything about this number was sheer bliss. Maria’s sticky sweet vocal tones were incredibly beautiful and the enchanting Far Below had been well crafted. Whilst Kelly was performing this right in front of my eyes I was reminded of Kate McGill.

Next it was Torn Into Two and this was another sad song. Now Maria’s whimsical vocals were so sweet and those swooning lyrics were incredibly charming. This tasty track was rather refreshing and those impressive lyrics left me compelled from the word go. Then you had the emotionally delicate vocals actually which had me picturing Lucy Rose.

The penultimate number came in the shape of Pretend. This stunning song was a piece of perfection, those vocals were top notch and that gorgeous swooning melody was extremely pacey.

This spellbinding set was capped off with an entrancing new cut and this being Hollow. Now I literally adored Hollow, everything about this succulent song was top notch. This newie had been perfectly written and Kelly’s vibrant vocal delivery made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Now this sumptuous song was emotionally tinged “But if you knew the way you make me feel/ So delicately dangerously real/ But if you knew the way you make me feel/ Maybe you’ll feel a little whole”.


Far Below
Torn Into Two

OVERALL: Maria Kelly is a wondrous singer/ songwriter and the reason I’m so caught up in her music is down to the fact I love the folk genre. Each of the tunes showcased were outstanding and it was rather special to witness an acoustic Maria Kelly set with no mic whatsover.

Having witnessed her perform twice I can tell Maria Kelly has bundles of passion and I for one cannot wait to hear what offerings she makes in the future. Kelly even has a support slot for KT Tunstall’s Golden Slippers gig next Tuesday (11th July)


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