Daily Dig: Alke

Los Angeles pop duo Alke compromise of Jameson Flood (production, guitar, keys) and A.K Karrasch (vocals). It was way back in 2015 when this pair met for the first time and from that moment Alke were formed. Flood and Karrasch were simultaneously working with an artist that they both knew in Nashville, TN. After spending some time together in the studio, the connection between the two of them was evident.

Signed to Red Cloud Media, this dazzling duo made their appearance in 2016 and the songs they had on offer were both Indigo and Ruthless. Aside from that based on the three singles I’ve heard Alke pack plenty of promise. Actually these tunes are so infectious leaving me anticipate more outstanding original material in the future.

The new single Without You is perfectly pop and the wondrous melody left me in an utter trance. I can actually pick up on dreamy 80’s vibes which had me picturing Madonna. Plenty of synthy goodness radiated from this sumptuous song and Karrasch’s vibrant vocals had my hypnotised from the word go “I don’t want to be Without You/ Feel it in my soul/ I’ll never be Without You/ Couldn’t do what I was told”.

All in all this sugary sweet tune had me grinning from beginning to end.

We then roll back the months, 23rd January saw ALKE unveil the single Ruthless and just like Indigo it was a real cracker. Now this was an upbeat rock tinged jam aided by infectious lyrics “Now the truth is/ I am Ruthless/ I’ve got bruises/ Only God can tell me how/ Your excuses/ That I’m stupid/ But I got through this/ Only God could help me now”. A.K’s powerhouse vocals literally blew me away and the whole production created a right epic.

January 2017 saw the release of the sublime Indigo. Now this delectable single was a glorious RnB inspired pop jam which captivated me. The whole production was top notch whilst Karrasch’s dreamy vocals left me in a complete daze.

Based on these three songs I literally cannot wait to hear more impeccable originals in the nearby future.

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