Hattie Briggs: Hide EP Review

Hattie Briggs is a talented singer/ songwriter all the way from Stroud, Gloucestershire. Signed to Wise Dog Records, this impeccable 24 year old has already released 2 LP’s and 6 EP’s. Plus this year has seen an ambitious Briggs create the 12 Months Of Madness, now this will see her release a brand new limited edition CD each month. My favourite had to be the Young Runaway LP.

19th May saw Hattie Briggs release her latest installment and this being the Hide EP. Whilst most of the CD’s are limited to 100 this one wasn’t. Compromising of 4 outstanding originals this sparkly release saw Briggs team up with guitarist Matt Park and her long time cellist Jasmine Scott Neale. Anyhow it was Never Been In Love Before which kick started proceedings. This beautiful song knocked me for six, Hattie’s crisp vocals were extremely spellbinding and those lush lyrics were sheer perfection. Just listening to this whimsical number for the first time left me in an utter trance.

Just Breathe was a majestical piano ballad which was beautifully delivered. Briggs’s rich vocals were sugary sweet and those tempting lyrics had me hypnotised “Just Feel/ Though everything feels wrong/ This road will lead to somewhere/ If we just stand and move along”. Hattie’s songwriting skills are superb and this number is a credit to her. Track 3 comes in the shape of emotionally tinged Hide. Now I found this tasty track to be an enchanting piece of perfection “Hide/ Don’t let the light/ Take you away from mine/ Hide/ If only tonight/ Don’t let me say goodbye”. Just like Just Breathe this was a beautiful piano ballad which Briggs faultlessly delivered. Anyhow Hattie Briggs’s glitzy angelic vocals made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Things then come to an end with the mind blowing All You Wanted, basically this phenomenal cut left me speechless. Hattie’s smoky folkish vocals were extremely powerful and at the same time I was reminded of folk troubadour Laura Marling.

Having been bowled over by the opening four originals it was then time for the Just Breathe (Live From Number 42) version. Listening to this enthralling curtain closer literally takes my breath away.

Hide is available from iTunes. You can also keep up to date on the 12 Months Of Madness on her Official Website

Official Site


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