TJ Stafford: All My Bad Habits Have Prepared Me For This Album Preview


TJ Stafford is a talented singer/ songwriter all the way from Los Angeles. Stafford has performed in various bands over the years, and his music has featured on iconic shows such as The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy and True Blood. His live performances have led to sold out shows at famous L.A. venues like The Roxy, The Troubadour, and the House of Blues.

Signed to Saint Rogue Records, TJ has broken free and launched his solo career. So on 30th June TJ Stafford will make his debut with All My Bad Habits Prepared Me For This. This dazzling album consists of 10 tempting tracks and if you like your rock music then give this record a listen to. Aside from that this impeccable LP kicked off with Crazy and this was a mesmerising piece of perfection. Now this was a dark and brooding song, plus Stafford’s powerhouse vocals at the beginning reminded me of Marilyn Manson.

Sophomore single Catch was a game changer. For starters this single oozed plenty of smooth rock vibes which was pleasant on the ear. Stafford’s wondrous vocal delivery left me in a hypnotic state. Now Catch sees TJ in a simmering, subdued state of mind as he explores the things he wishes he’d said or done. All in all this was a well written masterpiece and those impeccable harmonies were on point.

Having opened up with the 2 singles it was then time for a spate of brand new cuts. Fame was an edgy rock anthem which can quite easily have you moving to the beat. This tempting tune sees TJ sing about his addiction to Fame “I just want some more Fame”. Both vocals and the lyrics were superb resulting in something which left me completely enthralled. Know My Name was a rock tinged foot stomper aided by compelling lyrics which packed  fierce punch “Everyone Knows My Name/ But nobody knows who I am”. The vocals were on another level and overall this fantastic cut had me hooked from the get go. Keep It Grooving was a high octane roller coaster ride and Stafford’s entrancing vocal delivery left me utterly spellbound. Hey You was a powerful rock anthem along with catchy lyrics which oozed bundles of electrifying energy “Hey You keep your eyes on yourself/ Hey You you know there’s nobody else/ Hey You no need to give into chance/ We got the whole world in our hands”. TJ Stafford literally delivered this exquisite number with plenty of gusto. World Of Wonder was incredibly intriguing because it was a rock ballad which captivated me. Those delightful lyrics were incredibly spellbinding “You might think so/ But I cant be you hero”. Plus TJ showcased his impressive rap skills which resonated plenty of sass. Pretty Girl was a sultry cut which TJ Stafford delivered to perfection “Hello Pretty Girl/ Wont you come along/ Let me turn you on”. To sum things up Pretty Girl was a majestical cut packed with smooth lyrics which sunk there claws into me. I Don’t Mind is the penultimate song of this phenomenal record and it’s a steady paced rock gem. This had been superbly written as it was packed with incredible lyrics “I Don’t Mind/ Feeling the pain/ If you’re fine” and Stafford’s powerful but fragile vocals. The edginess then returned for the curtain closer, Get Up was a dazzling tune with plenty of bite which TJ perfectly delivered.

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