Nescora: Rescue Single Review


NYC singer/ songwriter Nescora is a talented individual who sings a wondrous concoction of blues rock meets folk meets Americana.

Born in the East Village of Manhattan in the 1960’s, Nes was a natural musician with a deep love for Motown music. This led him to perform in a harmony group which  resulted in major stints at the Apollo as a teen where he won Amateur night 6 weeks straight. He later moved to Puerto Rico, recruited to play pro basketball. Soon after played on the Puerto Rico Olympic Basketball Team. During the off season he worked at a Irish Pub where he was indoctrinated into rock n roll and other forms of acoustic and world music. He travelled extensively through South America and finally landing back in Williamsburg, Brooklyn working as a licensed massage therapist.

Nescora made his debut back in 2015 with the succulent single Joy & Happiness. Two years later he is back with his 4th release and it’s a right blinder. Rescue is the lead track from the upcoming 8 track LP Some Where Some Place. Now this exquisite album will be unleashed on 21st July and having previewed it, it’s a phenomenal piece of perfection.

Rescue: I’ve listened to this enchanting single a number of times and being a lover of blues/ Americana music resulted me in being hooked. Now Rescue was a fast pace honky tonk tinged track which resulted in something rather infectious. There was a richness to those crisp vocals which I found to be rather pleasant on my ear.

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