Grace Blue: Our Eyes Single Review


Grace Blue are an exciting pop duo who’ve just released their latest single Our Eyes. Based in Los Angeles, this talent two piece originally met at their hometown Tel-aviv, Israel. Now Grace Blue are vocalist Grace Mogz and keyboard player Joseph Arazi. Mogz and Arazi were in a previous musical project together and decided they wanted to create something new and formed Grace Blue.

Our Eyes serves as the first single to be taken from the debut self titled EP. Now this catchy tune was a refreshing slice of perfection which left me utterly enthralled. Grace’s vocals were extremely blissful and on the whole this number was pleasant on the ear. From having heard this chilled out track I can tell that Grace Blue are onto something rather good.

A couple of weeks ago Grace Blue unveiled the official music video for Our Eyes. The video for this tasty tune was shot in the small village of Dzembronya,Ukraine and the landscape was so beautiful. It actually brings the narrative of the song to life as Our Eyes was written about craving more from life, but feeling stuck and unable to leave your environment.

The self titled EP will be out this Summer and from what I’ve heard it’s a combination of dark emotionally driven trip hop, alongside catchy, up-tempo alternative-pop.

Official Site


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