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Isa Tengblad is a triple threat who comes all the way from Stockholm, Sweden. Not only is this 19 year old an insanely talented singer/ songstress, Tengblad is also a street dancer as well. She’s currently signed to Sony Music Sweden/ Licious Music and Isa has a bright future ahead of her.

I’ve recently came across ISA and I must admit the material she already has under her belt blows me away. Music is something that she’s extremely passionate about, Tengbald has practically been singing and dancing from when she was born.

Isa made her debut in 2012 with the song Bomb. Now this was so captivating and the lyrics packed a fierce punch. Bomb was a fast paced cut which can quite easily have you moving to the beat. Two years later Isa unveiled What Are We and this song is so extraordinary. Tengblad’s vibrant vocals were so sleek and those delicious lyrics had me hooked from the very start. My favourite part had to be the chorus which radiated plenty of power pop vibes

Tengblad participated in Melodifestivalen 2015 with the song “Don’t Stop” in the competition’s third semi-final. This infectious track was the first to be taken from the Don’t Stop EP and it even charted at #14 in the Swedish record charts. Don’t Stop was a glitzy track packed with dreamy lyrics which uplifted my spirits. Those verses were so vibrant whilst the entrancing chorus was incredibly gentle on the ear “My heart is on the line yet it feels so good/ You’re under my skin, feel so close to you/ So don’t stop, don’t stop (Don’t stop, don’t stop)/ Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you ever stop/ I wanna let you know, a little scared to show/ But tonight will be the night I’m gonna go for you/ Don’t stop, don’t stop (Don’t stop, don’t stop)/ Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t you ever”. The energetic official music video showed of Isa’s passion for street dance and this impeccable number even achieved Platinum status.

The second single to be taken from the Don’t Stop EP was the impeccable Drum & Bass. This shimmering song is a mixture of R&B meets pop plus you also had tribal beats playing all throughout. Everything about this captivating cut was literally on point. Those lyrics were super sassy and Isa’s vocals oozed plenty of attitude “Why should I play it safe, when I want insane, I’ll let you break my heart just to feel the ache”.

Oh My was a mixture of soul meets pop. This was such a wondrous combination which resulted in something that had me hypnotised. Basically this was a beautiful ballad, those luscious lyrics were so lovely and I found Isa’s vocals to be extremely breathtaking. Tengblad’s impressive vocal range actually reminded me of Jessie J (Who You Are, Big White Room) whilst the rapped portion had me envisioning Iggy Azalea.

The final release of 2015 came in the shape of Let It Kill You. Now this was a fresh and funky cut aided by enticing feel good lyrics. This tantalising track can quite easily have you moving on the spot. My first listen to Let It Kill You literally took my breath away, this tune was R&B with added traces of EDM. Tengblad’s vocals were so light and fluffy. Also the official music video was a right epic.

2016 saw Isa Tengblad participate in Melodifestivalen again and the song she entered with was I Will Wait. Now this was an emotional ballad, Isa’s vocals were so smooth and they mellowed me out in the process. Just listening to this song leaves me lost for words. The most surprising thing about I Will Wait was the fact it failed to reach the final. Anyways this glitzy tune has acheived Gold status, plus it has garnered 14 million streams which isn’t bad going

The final Isa Tengblad single of 2016 came in the shape of Ego. Now this was a groovy tune which can have you moving to the beat. Yet again there were traces of EDM and Tengblad’s sugary sweet vocals were reminscent to Rihanna’s Work.

A couple of weeks ago Isa unveiled her brand new single Light On. This was a chilled out pop track aided by upbeat lyrics and Tengblad’s candy coated vocal tones. This terrific tune is perfect for any summer playlist. The fun fuelled Light On was produced by Cape Lion, and written with Josefine Glenmark. This song impressed me greatly and those vibrant vocals left me spellbound. Light On was written while in a traffic jam on her way to Burbank, LA. Also it’s about getting through everyday life longing for the things that really matters in life.

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