Auction For The Promise Club: Silence Album Review


Terrific trio Auction For The Promise Club comprimise of siblings Zoe and Toby White Chambers and friend Perran Tremewan. This indie rock band come all the way from St Agnes, Cornwall and based on the original material I’ve heard, AFTPC have a long and prosperous future ahead of them

Having signed to Easy Action Records imprint ZenTen in 2016, this tasty three piece have already released three singles on the label. The first being AA side This May Hurt/ Cuts So Close which came out in time for Record Store Day 2016, the sophomore Moonlight came out earlier this year, then you have the see through See Through vinyl which came out especially for Record Store Day 2017.

9th June saw Auction For The Promise Club give birth to their debut LP. Silence compromised of 12 tantalising tracks and was 48 minutes of pure bliss. If you love your Indie Rock then you’ll love this Cornish band. Things kick off with the albums title track. Silence begins with an epic two minute ish instrumental which cranked up the atmosphere. Then Zoe came in with her sugary sweet vocals which easily left me in a trance. Along with some impressive guitar riffs the sumptuous Silence packed a weighty punch. Once over it was onto See Through. This delectable cut is pure Indie Pop, Zoe’s pop tinged vocals were gorgeous then the fuzzy guitar riffs added those Indie Rock vibes. Now this succulant song had been perfectly crafted as those pacey upbeat lyrics had me hooked from the word go. Following on it was then time for This May Hurt and this was a frantic Indie flavoured cut aided by Chambers’s candy coated vocal tones. I must say just listening to this number left me completely spellbound. This May Hurt was a compelling anthem in the making and it’s no surprise that BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson dubbed as “their best yet”. It was then time for a bit of Dancer and this being a mesmerising piece of perfection. Plenty of blissful indie pop vibes resonated from this cut which created something extremely infectious. Here’s a fact for you Dancer is the oldest song on the album having featured on the independent One EP back in 2012. Time To Breathe was a majestical cut which radiated plenty of indie rock vibes. Zoe’s sweet sounding vocals reminded me of Ritzy Bryan from The Joy Formidable. The electric guitar riffs/ drumbeats can easily have you moving to the beat. I’ve listened to Ghosts a number on times and I must say I’m incredibly impressed. Zoe’s vibrant vocals were at the forefront which resulted in something chilling. Two minutes in the drums entered creating an upbeat atmosphere. City was a fast paced dreamy cut aided by Zoe White Chambers’s succulent vocals and uber catchy lyrics which captivated me “I move to this City/ Just to watch you leave/ And change the rules/ How was I to know”. Now Isn’t It Enough? was an enticing edgy anthem aided by Zoe’s energetic vocal tones. This strong song had to be one of my favourites from this magical record. Moonlight opened up with Zoe’s hauntingly husky vocals then as it progressed this song then morphs into a high octane rock anthem. Basically it was a full on explosion, the lyrics had me hooked and Chambers’s vocals packed a fierce punch. Cut So Close was a fresh and funky track which can quite easily get you moving to the beat. Zoe’s gorgeous vocals were so gentle on the ear. The fast paced Instincts was a majestic pop rock anthem which left me utterly enthralled. Chambers’s vocals hypnotised me whilst those impeccable lyrics had me hooked from the get go. This tune has plenty of potential and it’s a single in the making. Ending this exquisite album you had Mexico and this being a cut which can quite easily have you swaying from side to side.

All in all this was an impressive effort which showcased their startling song writing abilities and Zoe’s impressive sugary sweet vocals. I must mention the guitar skills from Perran and Toby’s drum skills were literally insane. Like I said above just listening to Auction For The Promise Club made me envision Welsh Indie Rockers The Joy Formidable.

I for one cannot wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds for Auction For The Promise Club.

Silence is available to purchase on iTunes or you can physically purchase from the bands Official Website

The band have recently unleashed an animated music video for the B Side to the See Through single. You Don’t Love Me is a wondrous piece of perfection.

Official Site


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