Jensen Reed: You Can’t Stop Me Single Review

Jensen Reed is a talented indie hip hop singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Los Angeles. 7th June saw Reed unveil his brand new single and this being You Can’t Stop Me which also featured the wonderful Alexa Melo.

Here is what Jensen had to say about this tasty tune “This song is about the anxiety and struggle that an artist in any creative pursuit wrestles with on a daily basis. Doubts that all the hard work will pay off etc. Ultimately you have to keep working, hustling, grinding and believing in yourself and your talents. Have the mentality that no one and nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams”.

Before listening to this sumptuous single, I had to watch the viral music video for Back To The 90’s. Now this track was so quirky and those lyrics were literally a throw back to the 1990’s.

Independently released, You Can’t Stop Me was a sublime single which captivated me from the word go. Basically this was a power pop anthem aided by Reed’s vocals which oozed plenty of attitude. Jensen’s vocals were actually reminiscent to Linkin Park and Alexa’s vocals were so smooth.

The delectable lyrics were empowering delivering the message if you want to do something then don’t let anyone stand in your way.



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