Louise Lemón: Appalacherna Single Review


Louise Lemón is a mega talented Swedish songstress who is currently signed to Icons Creating Evil Art record label. She is actually no newcomer to the musical word, back in 2012 she made her debut with the magical Irrepressible Spirit EP. 5 years later Lemón unleashed her Purge EP which is so different compared to the debut.

Her sound has been described as death gospel. She recorded the sophomore EP in a haunted cabin with Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Thurston Moore), the setting is eerie and many light years away from the current pop landscape.

Last week (13th June) Louise unveiled the music video for her newest single Appalacherna. Written and directed by Edward John Drake, this dark video plays out like a mini movie. Basically it shows a man being suffocated in a desert. Now here is what Lemón had to say “’Appalacherna’ was recorded in the Californian desert with the theme An artist kills her past to save her future. This really made making this video a cleansing process. The necklace with the crystal plays an important role in the video and it turned out to play an even greater role to me. I was really happy to bring it back home with me as a memory so I tucked it away safely, but back from the shoot it was gone, I was liberated from the past and wasn’t supposed to bring anything with me from it”.

Putting that to one side, the song is literally sublime. The melody is rather heavy giving it that haunted/ gothic feel and then you had Louise’s crisp/ hazy vocal tones that were pleasant on my ear.

Official Website


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