Daily Dig: Evan Michael Green


Evan Michael Green is a sublime singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist and self-taught producer all the way from Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  In 2014 he graduated at Berklee College of Music and a year later he decided to put his business degree away favor of spending sleepless nights at the studio cranking out covers by his favorite artists.

Evan is incredibly passionate about his music and he made his debut back in 2015. However this was a collaboration with Young L3x, he appeared on the singles Drown and Couldn’t Say No. Both of these songs quickly amassed close to a million views on Facebook and YouTube and helped him garner thousands of fans across a variety of social media platforms. Having heard both tunes Green’s impressive vocals were silky smooth. Over the next couple of years Evan would also feature on the songs Up, Love You Right, Call You, Breakdown Again and She Ain’t Shit.

In 2016 Evan Michael Green broke free and released his debut single independently. The song in question being Wake Up Mary Please and this was a mixture of R&B meets soul. One word for this sumptuous song would be breathtaking. Michael’s vocal tones were so sleek and those lyrics were so clear cut. Whilst I assumed Evan was singing about the death of a relationship, when carefully focusing on the lyrics I’m picturing that Mary has been involved in an accident which has resulted in her falling into a coma “My momma raised a better son/ I have to live with what I’ve done/ The illusions over nothings as it seems/ I’m trying to find the words to say/ I’m not the man we thought I’d be/ He does exist but only in your dreams/ Wake Up Mary Please”.

Now signed to Ten Sixty Seven Evan Michael Green has just unveiled his brand new single. The song in question being Nice Voice and this being a refreshing acoustic ballad which mesmerised me on my first listen. Evan’s vocals were ever so magical and those lyrics saw him mention how he’s made bad choices when it comes to relationships.

Having listened to these two tunes I can tell Evan has bundles of potential. If you love your soulful R&B then give Evan Michael Green a listen too. Both Nice Voice and Wake Up Mary Please were so chilled and have me relishing what the future will hold.

This Summer will also see the release of All The Things That I Am and I for one cannot wait to hear more sparking originals.

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