Kylie Odetta: Undertow EP Review

All the way from South Carolina is 19 year old singer/ songwriter Kylie Odetta. I have to say from what I’ve heard she’s a complete marvel. Just from listening to the material Odetta has I would place her in the soul/ pop and jazz categories. Aside from that Kylie is no stranger to the music scene, she actually released a trio of singles way back in 2013, then 2014 saw the emergence Waiting Game LP in 2014. In 2015 Kylie dropped the Breaking Habits EP and followed it up the following year with Higher Dreamer.

Touring wise Kylie has played a ton of headline shows plus she’s opened for the likes of Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait, Mat Kearney, Austin Mahone and Kellie Pickler.

19th May saw Kylie Odetta unveil her latest EP and this being Undertow. Consisting of 6 glorious tunes (7 if you count the Battle Ground bonus track) this mini album is a piece of pure perfection. Anyways this exquisite EP opened up with Sunny Day. This sumptuous song was a chilled out tune aided by Odetta’s magical/ raspy vocal tones and dreamy lyrics which had me captivated from the word go. Plenty of soulful jazz vibes radiated from Sunny Day and at the same time Kylie’s vibrant vocals had me picturing Gabriella Cilmi. Perfectly written, this gorgeous track left me with a beaming smile on my face. You Don’t Love Me was an emotional soulful ballad which was literally a work of art. Kylie’s sultry vocals actually made me envision Charlene Soraia. The lyrics for the heart wrenching You Don’t Love Me were extremely clear cut as they detailed a break up and Odetta doesn’t want to believe what’s happening “It was my birthday/ You said I’m beautiful/ Then in the worst ways/ You made me all your own/ And by the moonlight/ You lay me next to you/ Tell me that this was/ Just something you had to do/ But I don’t believe you/ It must be lies/ It can’t be true/ Wake me up/ From this dream/ You’re not saying/ What you mean/ What do you mean?/ What do you mean?/ You Don’t Love Me/ You Don’t Love Me anymore”. The reason why I say it’s heart wrenching is down to the fact I picture these two being childhood sweethearts and they’ve been fighting which then leads to this separation. Following on you had the delightful Undertow and this being a smooth song which had me swaying from side to side. This charming track was jazz ballad which was pleasant on my ear and those gentle lyrics were incredibly hypnotic. Once over it was onto the laid back Stress. Once word for this compelling cut would be enchanting. Kylie’s gorgeous sultry vocal tones had a raspiness to them and at the same time I was reminded of Australia’s very own Gabriella Cilmi. The combination of the piano instrumentation and luscious lyrics drew me in. When You Come is a sleek bluesy ballad, Odetta’s succulent vocals were soft and gentle on my ear. Anyways this was a tasty tune which oozed relaxing vibes. Things then come to an end with YCHYW (You Cannot Have Your Way). Now this was an enticing ballad focusing on a strained relationship which has come to an end and the girl is not giving up without a fight “You Cannot Have Your Way/ This love is not past its breaking point/ You cannot blame me/ This love hasn’t seen the last of its days/ I will not let us fade/ I know this is no mistake/ So You Cannot Have Your Way”. This impeccable number could quite easily be about the same guy mentioned in You Don’t Love Me.

You may think things have reached an end but you would be wrong for thinking that. Battleground is the bonus track and this is literally a magical piece of perfection. Now I found this to be upbeat acoustic pop accompanied by Kylie’s whimsical vocal delivery. To sum things up Battleground was an adorable song which ended an incredible EP.

It’s clear to see that Kylie Odetta has a burning passion for singing and writing her own music. I for one cannot wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds for her.

Undertow is available to purchase from iTunes

Official Site


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