Charlotte Bash: Princess Game Album Preview

Charlotte Bash is a talented singer/ songwriter (and a classically trained opera singer) all the way from Los Angeles. From reading her background I can tell she has a burning passion when it comes to music. Charlotte spent much of her youth exploring the music scene, eventually graduating from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music where she trained as an opera singer. Her undeniable talents have given her the chance to grace the stage alongside artists like Sara Bareilles and Aaron Carter — in both national and international venues.

She’s actually no stranger to this musical world, back in 2013 Charlotte independently released her debut EP Journey To Me. Now this exquisite mini album compromised of 6 sensational songs. Four years later she unveiled her debut single Leave and this was literally a blissful piece of perfection.

30th June will see Charlotte Bash drop her debut record Princess Game. I’ve been fortunate to preview this LP before it’s released and after my first play through all I can say is WOW. Princess Game is a breathtaking piece of synth pop, plus it compromises of 10 gorgeous songs. Not only does it showcase her beautiful buttery smooth vocals but it also showcases her extraordinary songwriting capabilities. This record is is an exploration in learning to love yourself and the struggle of finding balance between vulnerability and strength.

Princess Game opens up with the luscious Leave, now this tune caught my ear back in April and it’s literally a magical piece of synth pop. Charlotte’s vocals are ever so beautiful/ refreshing despite the fact the hypnotic lyrics revolving around a toxic relationship. I fell for this dreamy song hook, line and sinker. Those verses were entrancing but my favourite part had to be the infectious anthem esque chorus “If you caught me, I won’t bleed/ I won’t cry, won’t let you see/ I’m going to the count of three/ You better Leave/ Take back your promises and Leave/ All of those lies you said to me/ I’m going to the count of three/ You better Leave”. Around a month ago Bash unveiled the official music video which was a mixture of live and behind the scenes footage.

Following on it was time for a bit of Siren and this was an electro pop gem. Those delightful lyrics were compelling whilst Charlotte’s vocals were literally a breath of fresh air. The verses were pacey but my highlight had to be the blissful chorus “Maybe you’re scared and far from home/ But when the night takes over/ And you’re alone/ I’m calling you/ I’m calling you/ I’m calling you/ I’m calling you/ On a ship with no sail/ Sink or swim/ But I’m going to be the one that brings you in/ I’m calling you/ I’m calling you/ I’m calling you/ I’m calling you like a Siren”. Next it was time for Down, this tantalising tune was a real epic. The use of the piano created a haunting atmosphere. Everything about this number was spot on, the infectious lyrics packed a punch and Bash delivered this with plenty of gusto. Also you had compelling harmonising which gave Down that gospel feel. All in all this tune was a mesmerising masterpiece which Charlotte delivered to perfection. Labeled is the brand new single by Charlotte Bash and it also featured rapper Anye Elite. Now this was a fresh and funky urban flavoured song which oozed plenty of sass. The contagious lyrics had me hooked from the word go and it can quite easily have you grooving on the spot “And I’m free from the chains/ From that toxic domain/ And I’m free from the rules/ That define what’s cool/ And I wont be labeled”. Bash’s crisp vocal delivery made me think of UK musicians Ella Eyre and Jess Glynne.

Title track Princess Game was a polished piece of perfection. Now this gorgeous number was EDM at its best, the wondrous lyrics drew me in whilst Charlotte’s distinctive vocal range left me well and truly spellbound. To sum things up Princess Game was a whimsical piece of dream pop resulting in something rather magical. One word for Impossible Dream would be epic. This enticing ballad had a theatrical orchestral opening and then Bash came in with her soprano esque vocal tones. So much energy radiated from this glitzy cut and on my first listen I was knocked for six. Love In The Real World was a finger clicking soulful R&B jam. Now this was an enthralling sleek ballad, Charlotte’s vibrant vocals were breathtaking and those succulent chilled out lyrics left me in a daze. This delectable tune sees Charlotte praise the reality of love in a world of shimmering but short lived, fairytale romances. Track 8 comes in the form of Mississippi River Queen and just listening to this tune renders me speechless. It’s an amazing song but it’s incredibly different when compared to what has already featured. Now the tasty Mississippi River Queen is a dub step fuelled cut which hit me like a full on force. Delivered at a fast pace this sumptuous song is perfect for any club. Penultimate track Scars is an utter work of art and it opened up with a spellbinding twinkling of the ivories. Then the drums came in giving Scars that extra edge. I adored this number, you have an upbeat melody, Charlotte’s soulful vocals were hypnotising and those lyrics were extremely catchy. Whenever I listen to any song I always focus on the melody and after that I home in on the lyrics. Scars was in fact an emotionally tinged ballad “Scars remind me that I haven’t changed/ I should take my feelings and hide them away/ In a heart shaped box that I don’t share/ And I don’t belong here/ No not at all”. Once over it was time for the curtain closer and this being Back Again. All I can say is OMG this tune is superb. Charlotte’s jazz inspired vocals were so sultry resulting in something which sent chills up my spine.

Princess Game will be available from iTunes on 30th June

OVERALL: Charlotte Bash is a real dynamo when it comes to songwriting. I remember not so long ago being hooked on Leave, this debut album is on a whole different level. She showcases her powerhouse soprano esque vocals and her impeccable song writing skills.

Virtually this whole record is packed with songs which are single worthy. My highlights had to be Scars, Back Again, Down, Siren and Impossible Dream. I even loved the whole dub step feel of Mississippi River Queen.

To cut the story short this was one phenomenal LP and I for one cannot wait to hear more from Charlotte Bash in the nearby future.

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