Rodes Rollins: Young Adult EP Review


Born in Colorado you have the talented 22 year old Talia Taxman who adopts the moniker Rodes Rollins. From what I’ve heard Taxman is a sublime singer/ songwriter who has a bright future ahead of her.

Rodes Rollins is signed to Allen Road Music and made her emergence on the music scene last November with the sultry single Young & Thriving. February 2017 saw Talia unveiled her debut EP Young Adult, this sublime release compromised of 5 tasty tracks which showcased Rollins’s exquisite songwriting capabilities.

Young & Thriving: Opening up this impeccable EP you have the debut single. Young & Thriving was an impressive effort aided by dreamy infectious lyrics, a chilled out smoky melody and then you had Talia’s luscious sultry vocal tones. This sumptuous single was smooth like butter and at the same time I was reminded of the incredible Lana Del Rey. Now the beautiful Young & Thriving was a magical piece of perfection which left me well and truly enchanted. This dreamy tune was produced by Alex Goose (Kevin Gates, Weezer) and Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint on even features on the drums.

Oh Dear, Wes: I found this number to be rather intriguing. Whist Young & Thiving was both smooth and luscious, this gorgeous tune is incredibly pacey and captivating at the same time. Now this succulent song sees Talia take the role of a narrator that tells the story of a man called Wes who took the rap for someone’s mistake and ended up in jail “Oh Dear God/ Look what they’ve done/ They locked him up/ Like he had a gun/ Broke the law/ We’re just having fun/ [?]/ When he should’ve won/ Took the fall for nothing at all/ A crime so small, a price overdone”. Oh Dear, Wes is in fact rather tragic as he was a star pupil and athlete, but chose to take the blame for someone else which cost him his future.

Big Girls: Talia wrote this song having recovered from tonsillitis back in 2014. Everything about this cut was utterly spotless, those gorgeous lyrics had me hooked whist Taxman’s vocals were rather husky. This was a well written masterpiece  which had left me in a trance. Also the whistling gave this tasty tune a Western feel.

Wes Come Back: Talia Taxman has just unveiled the official music video for this phenomenal song which is both disturbing and graphic. This video was filmed in Mexico City and directed by José María Espinosa de los Monteros Tatto, who has previously received acclaim for two short films called “La última vez” and “Whippet”. Wes Come Back plays out like a short film in its gritty, cinematic composition and gripping narrative about the internal struggle of finding oneself after a broken relationship.

Aside from the video this whimsical track continues the story of Taxman’s first love. Now Wes Come Back was so relaxing and the lyrics focused on the early stages of the relationship. They actually expresses her fears of getting into a serious relationship at a young age “I let him go/ He begged me no/ A young girl, I felt free/ To leave my home/ To dance alone/ The world in front of me”. Just listening to this number makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

Feedback: Ending this excellent EP you have this shimmering track. The fantastic Feedback started off with a soothing opening verse which sees Taxman recount a past lover at the age of 16 whom then joined the army.

Then the moment Talia gets to the 2nd verse that’s when those rock vibes came to the forefront. Rodes’s gorgeous vocals were edgy and at the same time they packed a fierce punch.

In fact this was a current love story recounting a special person Taxman lost contact for many years ago. This past year Talia reconnected with this special someone and they are very much in love.

Young Adult is available to purchase from iTunes



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