Bianca Rose: Hidden Single Review


Bianca Rose is a British/Jamaican/Nigerian singer – songwriter and she’s been in the music industry for quite a while. Way back in 2007 she released her debut EP Truth and Tiny Tragedies and recently Rose dropped her debut LP No Fear Here. This amazing album was part-funded by the PRS for Music Foundation and produced by critically acclaimed jazz musician and producer Femi Temowo, (George Benson, Andrea Bocelli, Amy Winehouse, The Roots, ESKA & Soweto Kinch).

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of listening to that LP and my mind was literally blown. This was a splendid 12 track epic which resonated plenty of soul/ folk and jazz vibes. Recently Bianca has unleashed the third single to be taken from No Fear Here and this being the impeccable Hidden. Now Rose delivered this tantalising tune with plenty of gusto, plenty of sultry soulful jazz vibes which resulted in something rather compelling. This sweet sounding number was aided by blissful lyrics and an outstanding vocal delivery “I wanna be close to you/ You’re good for my life/ I know the first time around/ Was just like the 3rd and 4th times/ And what can my words achieve/ After all you’ve seen of me/ Still I’ve gotta make you believe”.

We then come to the beautifully emotional but powerful music video. Hidden was directed Dominic Döring and has visuals set around the issue of men and mental health and how difficult it is to share these particular struggles with those closest to us. Here is what Rose had to say “Even as am woman it is never easy to reveal you have battled with any kind of mental oppression. But sharing is often the first step to breaking its power”. I won’t lie but whilst watching a lump came to my throat.

Hidden is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Site


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