Be The Bear: Erupt Single Review


Erupt is the debut single from Be The Bear and I must say it’s a splendid piece of pop music. This gorgeous track actually featured in the Volvo Winter Commercial way back in 2015, the prior year Volvo also used Be The Bear’s tune Mermaid. The preview footage showcasing Erupt generated nearly 700,000 views with demand for Be The Bear to release the single via the usual platforms.

9th June 2017 this dazzling number was independently unleashed and it’s an absolute cracker. Anyways Christina Wehage adopts the moniker Be The Bear and she comes all the way from Gothenburg, Sweden. This alias derives from Christina’s childhood fear of bears and recurring cold-sweat nightmares. “I used to dream about them every night, chasing me up old wooden staircases. When dreams come back again and again, I think it’s because you’re trying to deal with something. I wasn’t facing my fears and challenging myself”.

Erupt came out on Christina’s label, Loud Attic Records, through Kobalt. Now here is what she had to say regarding this single “Erupt is my ode to new places in life and an invocation to the fearlessness in all of us. It’s about the learning experience of transporting strong emotions into something physical”.

I love my Scandi Pop and I adore this succulent song. Erupt is literally a blissful piece of perfection, Wehage’s vocals heavenly vocals are so sweet and they are slightly reminiscent to Aurora. Those beautiful lyrics were so mesmerising and Christina was even accompanied by a 60 piece string orchestra.

All in all Erupt was an epic masterpiece which showcased Christina Wehage’s startling songwriting skills. It is plain to see that the impeccable Wehage has a burning passion for her music.

Erupt is available to purchase from iTunes

Official Site


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