Michaela May: Rogue EP Review

Michaela May is a sassy Scottish songbird who is now based in Toronto, Canada. 9th June saw this pop princess unleash her long overdue debut EP via iKon Records. Now my fascination with May’s music began January last year, I remember being completely enthralled with the single 1954 and from researching her background I knew this girl had something special.

Rogue consists of 6 glittering tracks, 3 of which are brand new and the other 3 were released as singles. Things opened up with glorious 1954. This was the first single to be lifted from this EP and it’s literally an addictive piece of perfection. This song represents empowerment and strength in a world where people can and will criticize your every move “Don’t mean to preach/ But I’ve got alot to say”. 1954 is a blissful track drenched in plenty of electro pop goodness. Michaela’s sugary sweet vocals oozed plenty of sass, the verses were smooth whilst the catchy chorus hit me like a ton of bricks “I wanna wear high heels for the rest of my life/ Dance all night in the pale moonlight/ Drink champagne ’till I’m bubbled up/ I’m living my life and I’m good enough (but this ain’t 1954)/ Jump on a plane, go wherever I like/ Wear my clothes just a little too tight/ Drink champagne ’till I’m bubbled up/ I’m living my life and I’m good enough (but this ain’t 1954)”. Up next it was time for a little bit of You & I, this stunning single was released earlier this year and it’s extremely different compared to 1954. Anyways this was a succulent synth pop anthem for the broken hearted. You & I is about being blindsided by the ultimate betrayal by your partner and May has said that this is her most vulnerable songs to date. Now those entrancing lyrics ooze bundles of emotion as this guy was the love of her life “Take a picture of my broken heart/ You hung me like a piece of art/ Fell together till we fall apart/ Don’t you look down, don’t you look back/ You’re never gonna see me cry/ Until you remember you and I/ You and I”. Next it was onto Sapiosexual and this being a well produced epic. This fresh and funky number oozes plenty of sex appeal “If you wanna to save my body/ If you wanna break me down/ I need a deeper higher Sapiosexual love/ Deeper higher Sapiosexual love/ If you want all my body/ If you wanna breach my soul/ I need a deeper higher Sapiosexual love/ Deeper higher Sapiosexual love”. Aside from all that the Sapiosexual was an electro pop gem aided by vibrant vocals and a glitzy upbeat chorus which packed a punch. Now for those who don’t know, someone who is Sapiosexual finds intelligence sexually attractive or arousing. Lights Out was the 2nd single to feature on Rogue. This captivating cut is a bubble gum pop anthem which always brings a massive smile to my face. Lights Out sees Michaela pour out her heart by reminiscing about the early stages of the relationship she was in “I don’t want another keepsake waiting on a heartache (don’t turn the Lights Out)/ I can’t make another mistake ending on a heartbreak (don’t turn the Lights Out)/ Dark eyes linger on me so right/ You got what I’m needing tonight/ I just wanna be all you want/ So we can make this love into a lifetime/ Don’t be a love crime (don’t turn the Lights Out)”. This sumptuous single was a synth lovers dream aided by fluffy sugary sweet lyrics and a marvelous melody which uplifted me. Loveaholic was a groovy upbeat jam which hit me like a full on force. Those sizzling lyrics were utter perfection and Micheala May’s vocals were sublime. This song was actually written for Selena Gomez!!!!. Things then come to an end with Lost and all I can is WOW. This shimmering song is perfect for any summer playlist “London, Paris, New York City/ No matter where I be/ My London Bridge is falling down/ Coz Murphy’s chasing me/ I’m Lost and I don’t know where I should be/ I’m Lost and it’s breaking every part of me”. May’s glitzy vocals were candy coated and those whimsical lyrics left me well and truly spellbound. Parts of the melody made me think of Michaela’s single You & I.

Rogue is available to purchase from iTunes

OVERALL: They say good things come to those who wait. The long awaited Rogue EP is an utter masterpiece and the songs which feature are on a whole other level. The moment I heard 1954 I was completely hooked on this Scottish princess and I eagerly awaited the debut EP.

Having been pushed back twice, just having this exquisite release on my iPhone still feels like a dream. Now I have plenty of praise for Rogue, yes the singles are phenomenal, but the new cuts are outstanding. Whilst I adore those 3 newies the one that slightly edges it is Lost.

When it comes to songwriting Michaela May truly has the gift. The anticipation for the debut album begins now.


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