Ferris & Sylvester: The Yellow Line EP Preview

Ferris & Sylvester are a delectable duo who find themselves signed to legendary producer Youth’s (Paul McCartney, The Verve, Crowded House) brand new publishing company Painted Word Music, in collaboration with Big Life Music. London based West Country duo caught Youth’s ear in early 2016. He then invited them to record at his studio in Spain, where The Yellow Line EP was recorded.

Here is what Ferris & Sylvester had to say regarding this EP “The Yellow Line EP is our first record as Ferris & Sylvester. For both of us, it felt essential that our first release was centred around our storytelling. Each song tells a different story; from sitting on a busy train at rush hour, to pining for the memory of someone lost, to begging for a broken heart, to getting your heart broken. We feel it sets the tone for what’s to come with our music”.

Both Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester started life as solo artists. Last year their paths crossed when Archie attended one of Issy’s gigs in West London. He was taken by her voice and the honesty of her lyrics so asked after the show if she wanted to do some writing together. From that moment Ferris & Sylvester were born.

23rd June will see this delightful duo unveil their debut The Yellow Line EP. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to get hold of a preview stream and I must say this record is a piece of perfection. Now if you adore the folk/ Americana genres then you’ll appreciate this exquisite EP. The Yellow Line compromises of 4 tantalising tunes and it’s debut single Save Yourself which kicks things off. This number is so breathtaking, Issy’s vocals resonated plenty of sweet folk vibes and they perfectly blended with Archie’s rich vocals. Save Yourself was a bittersweet love song revolving around a girl who wants her partner to break up with her before she breaks his heart “Don’t give your heart to me/ Keep it locked up in your chest/ Don’t fall in love with me/ Save yourself instead/ Break my heart/ Break my heart/ Break my heart/ Before I break yours”. I’m picturing a girl who has been in multiple failed relationships and she thinks the same heartache would happen again. Berlin was the second single to be spawned from this EP and this tells the story of a love coming to an end. Now this was a whimsical cut aided by rich finger plucking, Ferris’s soothing vocals and Sylvester’s gorgeous harmonising. Basically Berlin was an emotional rollercoaster as those lyrics detailed this heart wrenching break up “Berlin for the weekend/ Valentine’s as I recall/ Bought a card and some red roses/ Didn’t know any German at all/ Took her out that night/ To a popular but strange restaurant/ We ordered pizza and a bottle of cheap red wine/ We sat in silence/ The look upon her face/ Was one of contempt/ That had already decided my fate/ As I tried to recall/ Things that made her laugh/ But my efforts were in vain/ Too little, too late”. The third track comes in the shape of Cold Summer and I have nothing but praise for this majestical folk ballad. Emitting plenty of warmth this compelling cut was drenched in plenty of Americana vibes. Archie’s harmonising had me in a trance whilst Issy’s vibrant vocals had me picturing Laua Marling from the Alas, I Cannot Swim era. Now this song actually touched on the theme of loneliness “And you say you love me/ It’s the sweetest sound/ But the summer is cold/ And you’re not around/ And I’m fine/ But I’m feeling down/ So many faces and I’m alone in this town”. Things then come to a close with This Is What You Get. Now this delightful cut radiated plenty of compelling bluesy vibes.

OVERALL: Both Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester are talented singer/ songwriters who’ve released something truly stunning. Each tune featured is a piece of perfection and I was reminded of the likes of Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheeran. Having listened to The Yellow Line it’s clear to see that this duo have bundles of potential, this EP is literally a work of art which has me anticipating their next move.


12/07 – The Half Moon, Putney



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