Olivia Penalva: I Choose This Love Single Review

Olivia Penalva is a talented singer/ songstress who comes all the way from Vernon, BC.  I first came across Penalva’s music after hearing the delectable Weightless EP. Now this mini album compromised of 6 sensational songs which showcased her outstanding songwriting abilities and breathtaking vocals. Actually Weightless won the best pop EP at the Independent Awards and that came as no surprise considering it’s an utter masterpiece.

Being an unsigned musician can be tough but Olivia has a burning passion for her music. She even started to write her own material at the age of 11!!!. On the whole Olivia Penalva has the potential to outshine any star.

So on 1st May 2017 Olivia released her brand new single and this being I Choose This Love. Now this succulent song was produced by Alex Klingle and Penalva wrote this with her friend and fellow song writer, Robin Ghosh. Now this tune was a sweet pop gem drenched in plenty of synthy goodness. Olivia’s vocal tones were sugary sweet and those entrancing lyrics were utter bliss. This whimsical track is about allowing love to be your escape from the painful realities of life and just listening to this compelling cut uplifted my spirits “When the pain is as deep as the ocean/ If the waters rush over our heads/ when the hurt won’t stop like waves in motion/ I’ll hold you in the flood/ Never turn when times get tough/ I Choose This Love”.

A week ago Olivia unleashed the music video for I Choose This Love and it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Shot by videographer, Lee Watkins this was an exceptional piece of perfection. Despite lasting for three and a half minutes, this music video plays out like a mini movie as it shows a same sex couple and the journey that they’ve gone through. What tugged at my heartstrings was when the father (who couldn’t accept his sons choice of partner) turns up to see his son get married. Anyhow I Choose This Love ends with them adopting a child and therefore becoming a family unit.

I Choose This Love is available to purchase from iTunes

Official Site


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