Lolahiko: Tender Single Review

Lolahiko are a delightful duo consisting of Lauren Marie (vocals) and Ike Kawaguchi (production). Now this two piece met in 2015, at that moment in time both Marie and Kawaguchi were working on solo material. After sharing their music, thoughts, and feelings they decided to join forces.

So in 2016 they made their emergence with the stunning EP The Year We Died But Stayed Alive. Now this delightful effort compromised of 6 sensational tracks and spawned the singles Murderer, Funeral and Everleigh. I was introduced to this talented two piece having fallen in love with Funeral, this enchanting track was also accompanied by an impeccable music video.

Based in Los Angeles the phenomenal Lolahiko have unveiled their latest single. The song in question being Tender and this being a spellbinding piece of perfection. This wondrous cut showcased both Marie’s startling vocals and Kagwaguchi’s expert production skills.

Basically the heartfelt Tender is a synth lovers dream, on my first play though of this tantalising track I was left in a complete daze. First you had those thumping electronic beats, secondly those lyrics had me hooked and thirdly Lauren Marie’s sweet but delicate vocals mesmerised me.

From listening to the lyrics I’m picturing a deteriorating relationship but instead of going separate ways the girl would like a friendship. “Can we please be friends/ Right from this dreadful dead end/ Teardrops dry, one thousand cries/ When we fight, every night/ I wanna die”.

Tender is available to purchase on iTunes

Official Site


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