Daily Dig: Olivia Grace

Olivia Grace is a talented unsigned artist all the way from Maryland. She then decided to move to Chicago to study performance and songwriting at Columbia College Chicago. Having finished her last year of college online, Grace began to plant her roots in Brooklyn.

Olivia started out by writing short stories and poetry plus she was given her first keyboard at the age of eight. It’s plain to see that Grace has a burning passion for music. Whilst she made her emergence February 2016 with the Heart Shaped Bruises EP, the first Olivia Grace song was the Regina Spektor esque Let It Fall which came out in 2014.

Today (9th June) Olivia Grace released her brand new single and this being the marvelous Shoestrings. Having fallen in love with the likes of Blackbird and the Heart Shaped Bruises EP, I had high hopes for this succulent single.

Shoestrings is a well written piece of perfection which I fell for hook, line and sinker. This number radiated plenty of dark pop vibes and those smoldering brooding vocals made me envision Lana Del Rey. There was a sleekness to those entrancing verses whilst what I imagine to be the chorus was both quirky and extremely upbeat.

Matt Dougherty has perfectly produced a vision of beauty. Having heard this tantalising track only has me relishing more outstanding originals in the nearby future.

You can purchase Shoestrings from iTunes

30th September 2016 saw Olivia let the Blackbird out of the cage. This dark sounding single was literally a breathtaking piece of perfection. Grace’s smoldering vocal tones were incredibly distinctive plus there was an added sweetness to them. The haziness of those enchanting vocals were reminiscent to Lana Del Rey. Olivia’s lyricism is phenomenal and it’s hard to believe she’s only 21 years old.

All in all Blackbird was a captivating cut which left me well and truly enthralled.

You can purchase Blackbird from iTunes

Olivia made her emergence onto the music scene towards the start of 2016. Back then she released her debut Heart Shaped Bruises EP which compromised of 3 tantalising tunes. Opening track Heart Shaped Bruises was the perfect piece of electro synth pop, this tune was extremely gorgeous and Grace’s vocals were a breath of fresh air. Those delectable lyrics were incredibly smooth and entrancing at the same time “Just leave me with my heart shaped bruise”. Track 2 comes in the shape of Climbing Over and this majestical cut was sheer bliss. When listening Olivia’s distinctive/ smoldering vocals were reminiscent to Miss Del Rey. Those deliciously dark lyrics left me spellbound “You only got to ring now/ So put your walls down/ If you want to know my next move/ Well I’m Climbing Over To You”. The closing number being The Motel and all I can say is WOW. This number was smothered with plenty of synthy goodness making it a polished piece of perfection. Now this was infectious haunting pop and Olivia’s startling vocals had me picturing Regina Spektor “Fell from heaven/ Put my heart through hell/ At the white picket fence/ And you chose The Motel”.

You can purchase Heart Shaped Bruises from iTunes

Official Site


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