Felix Hagan & The Family: Delirium Tremendous Single Review

Signed to Debt Records are the 7 piece punk pop collective Felix Hagan & The Family. This exquisite group consist of Felix Hagan (Vocals), Ellie Cowan (Backing vocals, Violin), Tash Hodgson (Backing Vocals, Percussion), Tom Webber (Lead Guitar), Chris Hunsley (Bass Guitar), Joe Davison (Keyboards) and Stuart Mann (Drums).

Felix Hagan & The Family came into being in the heart of Liverpool’s burgeoning musical scene during 2013. They moved to London and honed their brand of theatre-pop over hundreds of gigs around the country, winning great acclaim for their insane live shows, consummate musical skill and total dedication to the audience.

Hagan made his emergence back in 2011 with his debut Dawn Breaks, The Monster Wakes. Now I’ve heard this magical record and it sounds like one massive theatrical production. The following 4 years has seen The Family gain more members, 2012 saw the arrival of Ellie Cowan and Tash Hodgson who provided backing vocals for You’d Better Be On The Inside Looking Out, Joe Davison provided keys for the EP String Up The Entertainer then 2015 saw the arrival of Stuart Mann, Tom Webber and Chris Hunsley for the sophomore EP Kiss The Misfits.

The band have recently been touring with Frank Turner who said, ““Within about 30 seconds of them taking the stage, I was sold, a total convert, a newly-signed-up member of the cult”.

A couple of weeks ago they dropped their brand new single Delirium Tremendous and this serves as a taster of what to expect from the debut LP later this year. This tune is an utter piece of perfection. There was an edginess to Felix’s vocals whilst both Ellie and Tash’s were incredibly soothing. The light chorus had me picturing Lily Allen “What would make you get so battered/ That your bones betray you, start to shatter/ And you can’t relate to all the happy little night-time boys and girls” and then you had an insatiable middle 8.

Here is what Felix had to say about this infectious rock stomper “The song is a piece of dark disco about going through substance withdrawal. It’s inspired by my own journey out of addiction”.

Delirium Tremendous is available to purchase from iTunes

Official Website


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