Davis Mallory: Loud Single Review


Recently I’ve been hooked on the newest single by Davis Mallory. Coming all the way from Nashville, Tennessee the talented Mallory is a quadruple threat. He’s a sizzling singer/ songwriter who’s responsible for the likes of Beautiful Girls, Anyone Would Know, Box It Up and Under Your Spell. Plus Davis can add both DJ and actor to his resume. Actually he was in part of the cast of MTV’s reality show The Real World.

14th April 2017 saw Davis Mallory unveil his brand new single Loud. This was an electro pop stomper aided by magical vocals, contagious upbeat lyrics and a groovy melody. Mallory has a masterpiece on his hand and this delightful single is taken from the forthcoming EP of the same name. Having had this single on repeat makes me anticipate the forthcoming EP.

Now the Loud EP hits digital market places on 7th July and includes 10 tasty tunes. These being 3 different versions of Loud, a reworked take on Anyone Would Know and the other 6 tunes are glistening originals.

The erotically intense music video below was directed by Derrick Lipschitz.

Official Site


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