Flora Cash: Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine) Album Review

Flora Cash are an impressive duo who come all the way from Stockholm, Sweden/ Minneapolis, USA. This talented two piece are signed to Icons Creating Evil Art and they first met via SoundCloud way back in 2012. They made their emergence into the musical world a year later with the independently released Up Til Now EP (this release was a collection of material from EPs Mighty Fine and Made It For You). After numerous singles and 3 more EPs, Flora Cash finally unleashed their debut album in this year.

April 21st then saw Flora Cash drop their dazzling debut and this being Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine). I’ve been listening to this mesmerising record for a while but I haven’t had the chance to share my thoughts. This record does exactly what the title suggests. With each one of the ten songs on the record it helps the listener, as well as the band themselves, come to terms with the fact that although life can be hard, hearts can be broken and nothing lasts forever, it really is fine

Anyhow the two behind Flora Cash are Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall, they’ve both created something that literally knocked me for six. California kicked things off and this being a sun blushed song which showcased Shpresa’s enthralling vocal tones. This tempting song was folk pop and Lleshaj’s blissful vocals were reminiscent to Lana Del Rey. Also Cole Randall chipped in with his crooning vocals which resulted in something that hypnotised me. The tables were turned for You’re Somebody Else because Randall took the reigns with Lleshaj harmonising to perfection. Now this tune was pure folk, the smoothness of the lyrics had me in a trance and Cole’s vibrant vocals were exquisite. We Will Never Be This Young was an enchanting piece of brilliance. Shpresa was at the forefront and her airy sugary sweet vocal abilities had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on edge. This was a well written tune as those delightful lyrics mesmerised me and at the same time I envisioned Kyla La Grange. Title track Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine) saw both Randall’s and Lleshaj’s splendid vocals merge together. This compelling tune was an upbeat gem and those dreamy vocals had me picturing Oh Wonder. Sadness Is Taking Over was a bittersweet tune with lyrics which had me picturing a relationship that’s not working out. Roses On Your Dress was an impeccable track aided by contagious lyrics and Shpresa’s refreshing vocal tones. This startling number literally left me in a daze, Roses On Your Dress was an incredible piece of songwriting and that charming chorus was again reminiscent to Lana Del Rey “What’s going on… in your head?/ ‘Cause we all, just wanna be special/ What’s going on… in your head?/ ‘Cause we all, just wanna be special”. One word for this sumptuous song would be epic. Memories Of Us was an emotionally charged track which saw Cole take the lead. Now Randall’s grandmother Peggy, to whom Shpresa was also very close, passed away unexpectedly this past December. The passing then gave them both a new and more heart-wrenching perspective on it. This number was so sleek and those lyrics were incredibly haunting. When Pleasure Falls saw Lleshj come to the forefront. I found this to be an hazy piece of bliss and the stunning vocals were both raspy/ distinctive. Slip Of The Tongue was a dreamy masterpiece. Cole spectacularly delivered the verses and both him and Shpresa came together for the chorus. This gorgeous tune was breathtaking and at the same time it radiated bundles of folkish vibes. This delectable record then closed with Mother To Child and this number was a work of art. Randall’s vocals were impeccable whist Lleshj’s vocals were literally a breath of fresh air. There may be a slow steady tempo to this number but I was entranced from beginning to end.


OVERALL: Flora Cash have something good going for them. This amazing album intrigued me on my very first listen, each of the 10 featured tracks showcased their sublime songwriting skills. Now Flora Cash are an infusion of indie pop meets folk and this combination works wonders with me.

Each of the 10 featured songs are ever so impeccable. When it comes to picking a favourite I would have to say Roses On Your Dress edges it slightly closely followed by Nothing Lasts Forever (And I’m Fine).

You can purchase this LP from iTunes or you can purchase both CD or Vinyl from Amazon

Official Site


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