Be Charlotte @ The Great Escape @ Komedia Studio 20th May 2017



My final day at The Great Escape started with seeing the outstanding Be Charlotte. I witnessed her live last year when she opened up for Elle Exxe, from that moment I was hooked with the material underneath her belt. Coming all the way from Scotland is Charlotte Brimner and she adopts the moniker Be Charlotte. This afternoon she showcased 7 sensational songs which showed this girl has plenty of potential.

This pristine performance started with the dazzling Drawing Windows. Now this majestical song was utter bliss, Charlotte’s smooth luscious vocals captivated me and those tasty lyrics were so infectious. Straight after it was then time for a bit of Bullets and this number literally knocked me for six. Charlotte sang Bullets as an acapella and this showcased her vibrant vocals to perfection. Whilst Brimner performed this short but sweet song, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on edge. “How is everybody doing? Are we good. This is our final gig at The Great Escape it’s been a very lovely week in Brighton. So thank you all very much for coming” Charlotte said before they dived into Too Late. This compelling number was pure pop aided by infectious lyrics, a groovy melody and Brimner’s enchanting vocal delivery “I’m not a baby anymore/ The last time you saw me I was 4/ Freckle still in place but naive no more/ Living my life through an open door”. Charlotte even showcased her impeccable rapping skills towards the end of this marvelous track. “I kinda wrote this as a way to say something to people who try to put you down about things” Brimner said before they all embarked onto Dream Crusher. This new song was a right revelation, the gorgeous melody was entrancing and then Charlotte’s stunning vocals were a breath of fresh air. The brilliant Dream Crusher leaves me hoping for an EP by the end of 2017. Machines That Breathe was next up and this being an hypnotising piece of perfection. Charlotte’s sumptuous vocals were airy and then you had those compelling upbeat lyrics which hooked me from the word go “How can you play guitar/ With a broken arm/ Paragliding through the clouds/ And you hope to land/ Can’t find that perfect note/ Or the words to sing/ Today is different”. Charlotte Brimner delivered this uplifting joyous song to perfection and at the same time I was smiling all throughout. People was next up and this involved plenty of audience participation. This was a splendid tune which packed a fierce punch. Brimner’s vocals were sugary sweet and then you had the upbeat lyrics which reeled me in “The people that you see/ The people you don’t see/ Can only fall down”. Once over it was time for the spellbinding Think It. The vocals were top notch and then those clear cut lyrics were so contagious “I take that thought from your mind/ Bring it into this world/ Fast forward, play and rewind it/ Whatever it’s not in your head/ But there in front of you instead/ Looking like a movie star now/ Who you want to be/ Is not yourself/ Who you always see/ Through other eyes/ Who you want to be/ Is not yourself/ You just act it out”. Things were wrapped up with the super sassy One Drop which again is a mixture of rap meets pop. This catchy cut was packed with vibrant verses and wondrous hooks which left me spellbound “One drop dilutes an ocean/ Can’t be reversed/ One word controls emotion/ And this I don’t rehearse/ Ripples of who you are won’t be removed/ And I’ll write the words to help the story to conclude”. Perfectly delivered, the outstanding One Drop was one exhilarating tune which took my breath away.


Drawing Windows
Too Late
Dream Crusher
Machines That Breathe
Think It
One Drop

OVERALL: It puzzles me knowing that Be Charlotte haven’t been snapped up by a record label. The material showcased this afternoon was out of this world, Charlotte is such an amazing songwriter and these tunes are a credit to her. Bullets was mind blowing and Dream Crusher has me hoping for an EP by the end of this year.

Also it was a pleasure to hear One Drop live yet again, this succulent song had an anthem feel to it.

Finally the unique thing about Be Charlotte is the fact that when Brimner performs she retains her thick Scottish accent resulting in something rather entrancing.


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