Olympia @ The Great Escape @ Komedia Studio 18th May 2017



All the way from Melbourne, Australia is the outstanding Olympia. I was hooked the moment that heard Self Talk. Signed to EMI this talented Aussie made her emergence way back in 2013 where she independently released the Olympia EP which spawned the single Atlantis, then 2016 saw Olympia drop her debut LP Self Talk via EMI which included the singles Honey and This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.


Anyways Olivia Bartley is the voice behind Olympia and this sweet performance only compromised of 5 tunes. Bartley then graced the small stage wearing all pink, actually it felt like a throwback to the 80’s. The performance began with Somewhere To Disappear and this oozed plenty of pop rock vibes. This captivating cut was faultlessly delivered, those lyrics left me enthralled and Olivia’s distinctive vocals made me picture Anna Calvi. Those sad lyrics pointed to the desire to disappear “Dreaming of escaping/ Things will get much better”. Once over it was then time for Self Talk. This tune was packed with plenty of fuzzy guitar riffs, vibrant vocals and enthralling lyrics. Olivia literally went full throttle and delivered this entrancing song to perfection. “Thank you so much for coming here. I don’t know if there’s any room upfront. But if you come forward you’ll see all the gifts the front row gave me. I’m not sharing them there’s loads of drugs and money” Bartley joked before getting stuck into the fresh and funky This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. I was literally standing in awe over what I was witnessing, Nice Things was a compelling jam which resonated plenty of indie rock vibes. Olivia’s raspy vocal tones were a formidable force, they actually made me picture Coco Sumner (AKA I Blame Coco). As for the lyrics these literally had me hooked “Every time we meet we fall/ Every time we meet we fall apart/ Falling apart like apples in pieces/ Running away like watercolour stains/ Falling apart like distant lovers/ Flown away like paper bags in the rain”.


Infused to the ending of Nice Things was the tantalising Tourists. I found this to be a majestical track which Olympia delivered to perfection. Olivia’s sugary sweet vocals were strong and at the same time I was reminded of Philipa “Pip” Brown (AKA Ladyhawke). Things then came to a close with the blistering Smoke Signals. Now this cut was a right gem, Bartley’s shimmering vocals were incredibly energetic and then you had those delectable lyrics which reeled me in. The verses were superb but what intrigued me was the compelling chorus “The world keeps turning/ Safe place to fall/ Hugging your shadows/ Up on the wall/ Mouth full of yellow/ You sing along/ Hoping your last/ Resort is warm”.


Somewhere To Disappear
Self Talk
This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
Smoke Signals

OVERALL: I have nothing but praise for Olympia. Olivia Bartley is one mega talented Aussie who showcased a sublime 5 song set. Actually it left me with the desire to here more. She’s a impeccable lyricist as each number performed left me completely hooked and as for the vocals these literally rendered me speechless. I most definitely relish the prospect of attending another Olympia show when she’s back in the UK.


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