Folly Rae @ The Great Escape @ Queens Hotel 19th May 2017


Day 2 of The Great Escape kicked off with a short but sweet set by the impeccable Folly Rae. When scouring the line up this group took my fancy, I was immediately hooked having viewed the BBC Introducing video for Hard To Love. Anyhow Rachel “Rae” Virtue is the voice behind Folly Rae and she’s responsible for the singles Hard To Love and the recently released U. Plus last year Folly Rae dropped the Money & Power EP which you can no longer find on iTunes.


Things then kicked off with the exquisite Hard To Love. This succulent song was literally a breath of fresh air, Virtue’s smoky vocals were so smooth and at the same I was reminded of Lana Del Rey. The beautiful Hard To Love was a splendid piece of songwriting as those luscious lyrics had me hooked “You couldn’t want me/ Not any way/ Coz when I’m this Hard To Love/ I don’t mind/ You couldn’t want me/ Not in the end/ When I’m this Hard To Love/ And I’m this Hard To Love/ I don’t care”. The sentiment of this number was about being addicted to something that doesn’t need you. All in all this dazzling cut was perfectly delivered and it intrigued me at the same time. “Hello my loves. How are we? This is my last show at The Great Escape so let’s have some fun. OK. This is my first single and it’s called U” Rachel mentioned before delving into this classy cut. U was drenched in synthy goodness plus it also radiated plenty of R&B/ soulful vibes. Virtue’s enchanting ethereal vocal tones stunned me to silence, also the impeccable U was an upbeat fresh and funky jam which can easily have you moving on the spot. Those delightful lyrics pointed at a love that went wrong “You fucked me, I hate you/ Cause you’re the only one I love to be around/ Can’t stop me, it’s way too/ Late to take away the pain I’m feeling now”. Next up it was time for the succulent Thinking Too Much which I found to be sheer bliss. This delectable number has to be released at some point. Again Rae’s charming vocals made me picture Lana Del Rey and then you had those whimsical dream like lyrics which captivated me “I am no hero/ But I will try to understand/ If you’re telling me you’re evil/ You’re telling me you’re evil/ I could let go/ If the worst that I become/ Is telling me you’re evil/ You’re telling me you’re evil”.


Meshed to the ending it was the delicious Demons. I have to say this was a spectacular song which Rachel delivered to perfection. Her vocals were so soothing and the lyrics left me spellbound “By the way I loved you best/ I will lay your Demons to rest”. I actually found the dazzling Demons to be incredibly refreshing and so much passion flowed from it. “This next song is going to be my new single. It’s called You Don’t Love Me which is the story of my life pretty much” Rachel Virtue mentioned before capping things off with this phenomenal tune. You Don’t Love Me was a pure piece of perfection, the delicious melody was rather upbeat giving it that tropical flavour and then you had those enticing lyrics that reeled me in “I was wasting so much time/ Waiting on these tears to dry/ Finally I’ve realised/ I’ve got to get you out my life”. Then you had Virtue’s breathtaking hazy vocals which had me picturing Jess Glynne. All in all You Don’t Love Me was a spectacular song which has me anticipating another EP in the nearby future.


Hard To Love
Thinking Too Much
You Don’t Love Me


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