Anna Straker @ The Great Escape @ The Arch 19th May 2017



Performing an evening set at The Arch was the talented Anna Straker. Now this was a showcase not to be missed, I’d been familiar with the material Anna had under her belt but things always got in the way when it came to seeing her live. So once the gig planner was released I made it my priority to attend Straker’s showcase. I then decided it was best to go straight to the venue for Lyra and stay there until Anna had finished her performance.

When Anna graced the stage she immediately launched herself into Serious. I have to say this cut was a sublime piece of perfection. Serious was a combination of electro pop meets dance, Anna’s vibrant vocals were incredibly refreshing which then resulted with the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Faultlessly delivered this was a spectacular song aided by captivating lyrics which easily had me moving “Serious/ I don’t take you Serious/ Are you fucking Serious/ Coz I don’t take you Serious”. Packed with plenty of electronic beats this glorious number reminded me of Katy B during the On A Mission era. “Hello Brighton. Are we having a good festival? I’m very happy to be here” Straker mentioned before delving into Late Night Swimming. Now this was a fresh and funky cut which captivated me from beginning to end. Late Night Swimming was the perfect piece of electronica, that whimsical melody packed a weighty punch and Anna’s vocals were sheer bliss.


“Alright the next song I’m going to do is a cover. So if you know the words I would love it if you sing along. I’m going to play it with my brand new baby synth” Anna Straker said to the audience before mashing up both Ed Sheeran and Chaka Khan. The songs in question being Shape Of You/ Ain’t Nobody. This infusion was rather impressive and Anna delivered both to perfection. “So this next song is brand new. I literally finished it in the studio like 2 days ago” Straker then said before diving into Ignite Me. I have to say this cut was rather intriguing and the whole feel was different when compared to the material from the Serious EP. Everything about this tasty tune was amazing, those vivacious verses were spoken which then resulted in something super sassy “In the queue/ A sea of high heels and iPhones/ Pushing to the front/ Moths to the blue light/ Like midnight, feels like, butterflies trying to be free/ And let me see your ID”. All in all this epic cut was flawlessly delivered and I for one hope it features on Straker’s next release.


Press Play followed on “It’s about living inside a video game” Anna said before embarking onto this tasty tune. Now Press Play was rather slick aided by a mesmerising melody and upbeat contagious lyrics “But maybe we can win this game/ So Press Play/ OK”. Now this funky number easily had me grooving on the spot and Straker’s dreamy vocals left me in a trance. Press Play was a joyous song which had me smiling from the get go.

The sumptuous set then came to a close with the tantalising How We Are. This majestic cut was an electrifying piece of electronica. Anna’s striking smooth vocal tones hypnotised. A couple of minutes in the melody transformed into something extremely upbeat, those exquisite lyrics had me hooked which made it a dance floor filler. From witnessing this classy cut right in front of me I was again reminded of Katy B.


Late Night Swimming
Shape Of You/ Ain’t Nobody
Ignite Me
Press Play
How We Are


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