Alma @ The Great Escape @ The Arch 18th May 2017



Alma Miettinnen (AKA Alma) is a sublime pop singer/songwriter who comes all the way from Finland. Way back in 2013 she participated in the 7th series of Finnish TV singing competition Idols. Four years later she’s signed to Finnish label PME Records plus Miettinnen is responsible for electro pop belters such as Dye My Hair, Chasing Highs and Karma.

So day one of my Great Escape ended with me witnessing this Finnish starlet. Having missed the Oslo show earlier on that week I made it my aim to be front row at The Arch. So at 9.15pm Alma and her band took to the stage. Once onstage Alma who was sporting neon green hair opened up with the feisty Karma. This was the perfect piece of Scandi pop aided by infectious lyrics and vocals which literally packed a fierce punch “I bring the Karma/ You better run, run, run, yeah/ It’s coming your way/ I bring the Karma/ You better run, run, yeah/ That bitch don’t play”. The electrifying Karma reminded me of both Jess Glynne and Charli XCX.


After it was then time for a bit of Drunk Tattoos and this was a club floor filler. All I can say is WOW, this was a captivating cut aided by Alma’s energetic vocal delivery and memorable lyrics. This anthem esque tune hit me like a ton of bricks plus it left me hooked from the very start “Drunk Tattoos/ All over my body/ When I wake up in the morning/ Drunk Tattoos”. Now this tasty unreleased song has me anticipating Miettinnen’s next release. “This next one is a feature with your guy Sub Focus. If you know the lyrics sing with us. We need help it’s the second time we sing this live” Alma mentioned before they got stuck into Don’t You Feel It. This track came out 11th May and it was a right treat just to witness it live. Don’t You Feel It was an electro pop stomper aided by Alma’s powerful luscious vocal tones and highly contagious lyrics “Hold me as it gets alright/ I’ll stay with you tonight/ Love me and I’ll be fine/ You’re bringing me to life/ Hold me as it gets alright/ I’ll stay with you tonight/ Love me and I’ll be fine/ You’re bringing me to life”. The atmosphere was so electric and this Summer jam went down well with the crowd.


After it was then time for Knock and this was a right revelation. Now this sumptuous song was an upbeat firecracker which oozed plenty of soulful vibes in the process. Actually it showcased Miettinnen’s impressive vocal range. Anyhow this number was a right marvel and those impeccable lyrics had me enthralled “I can be your night out/ I can be your hideout/ So come knock on my door/ I can be your home now/ I can be your love now/ So come knock on my door”. Straight after it was time for a bit of Dye My Hair. This track was incredible live, the vocals were incredibly hypnotic and that melody had a tropical flavour to it. Alma’s vocals were stupendous and those enchanting lyrics had everyone singing along “I will dye my hair blonde for you/ I will dye my hair blonde for you/ You got that mad power, the sweet and sour/ You won’t cut me loose/ There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do”. Basically this was a joyous feel good anthem. Meshed to the ending you then had Chasing Highs. Now this was a high octane roller coaster ride packed with Miettinnen’s feisty vocals and lyrics which sunk there claws into me “I was Chasing Highs/ Then I found you/ We’re doing it in slow motion/ We’re doing it in slow motion/ I was Chasing Highs/ Then I found you/ You are getting closer in slow motion”. Alma delivered this engrossing track to perfection which then left me in a trance.

Things then came to an end with yet another feature and this being the brilliant Bonfire. This Felix Jaehn produced track came out last year and just witnessing it live was really something special. Now this was a stellar song, Alma’s vocal tones were breathtaking and then you had those infectious lyrics “I am the Bonfire/ You make me stronger/ You make me light up/ With the shade you throw on me/ Throw on me”. Anyhow Bonfire went down well and ended what had been an impeccable first day of  The Great Escape.


Drunk Tattoos
Don’t You Feel It
Dye My Hair
Chasing Highs

OVERALL: Alma is a special singer who has huge potential to make waves here in the United Kingdom. The material she currently has under her belt is out of this world. The only new song showcased was the exquisite Drunk Tattoos and this is an anthem in the making.

I love my Scandi pop and I for one cannot wait for the day Alma returns to this country.


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