Dagny @ The Great Escape @ Wagner Hall 19th May 2017



Dagny is a talented songstress who is currently signed to Republic Records. At this moment in time she’s only released the Ultraviolet EP digitally which featured the singles Backbeat and Fool’s Gold. I was first introduced to her music way back in 2015 where she played for Finding The Female Headliner at Birthdays. Having unfortunately missed the Oslo show (due to gig clash) seeing Dagny was a must. She was to play two shows at the VEVO stage at Wagner Hall, one in the afternoon and the other being in the evening.

Now these stripped down acoustic sets are rather laid back and getting into the garden is incredibly easy. “How you doing. It’s nice to be here. The sun actually came out”  Dagny said before diving into the latest single and this being the funky Wearing Nothing. Now I love my Scandi pop and this compelling cut was so addictive. Dagny Sandvik’s vocals were so sweet and compelling at the same time. This number was perfectly delivered and the melody had me moving on the spot.


“Have you had a good time so far? I bet some of you are really really tired today. So we thought we were going to do an acoustic performance. It’s been so long since we’ve been asked to do an acoustic performance” Sandvik said before embarking onto Bullet. Now this tune had been stripped back to the bare bones resulting in something extremely mesmerising. Dagny’s vocals were candy coated, the lyrics were contagious and the chorus was super sassy. “Has anyone heard the EP we released 6 months ago” Dagny said before they got stuck into Too Young. Now this was a slick jam which reminded me of Lana Del Rey. Everything about this tune was pure bliss and those tasty lyrics were so smooth leaving me utterly entranced.

Things were then wrapped up with the beautiful Backbeat. “So if you heard us before then you’ve definitely heard this one” Sandvik mentioned before tackling this delightful song. Now Backbeat was pure pop and it was a real pleasure witnessing it acoustically. Everything about this performance was sheer bliss, Dagny’s vocals were gorgeous, those verses were rather vibrant and the sleek chorus was literally a refreshing rollercoaster ride. This joyous tune uplifted my spirits and I was smiling all throughout.


Wearing Nothing
Too Young


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