Jerry Williams @ The Great Escape @ Cafe Plenty 18th May 2017



Performing at this years The Great Escape you had Portsmouth’s very own Jerry Williams. I first witnessed Williams during 2015’s installment of The Great Escape and from that moment I became hooked on the material she had under her belt. It didn’t help that it was raining cats and dogs and the cafe was situated past Brighton station.

Aside from that this spectacular set compromised of 10 impeccable songs The opener was the exquisite Mother and this song radiated plenty of indie rock vibes. I’ve witnessed this tune live quite a few times and the opening always makes me think of Vampire Weekend. Jerry Williams delivered this with plenty of gusto and her candy coated vocals were so sweet. Bundles of energy resonated from this catchy cut.


“Hello everybody my name’s Jerry Williams and this is my band. It’s lovely to be here today in not so sunny Brighton” she then said before delving into the BBC Introducing track on Radio 1. This being I’m Not In Love With You and it’s about falling out of love “I’m Not In Love With You/ But I guessed I used to be”. Williams’s vocals were extremely beautiful and those contagious lyrics packed a punch. This hypnotising number was delivered to perfection tugging on my heart strings in the process.

Next it was then time for a bit of Velcro. This chilled out song was an upbeat jam aided by infectious lyrics. Velcro told the story about a relationship that’s come to an end but the girl cannot let go “I just can’t let go/ I’m stuck on you like Velcro”. Jerry’s vocals were sweet like cinnamon and were incredibly whimsical at the same time.


Straight after it was onto Pacific. Everything about this number was spot on, the vocal tones were extremely smooth and the lyrics left me spellbound. “We look out on the Atlantic/ I thinking it’s so romantic/ You want me to be specific/ We look out on the Pacific”. The verses were upbeat and what could be the bridge “Anywhere but you/ I want to feel confused” was rather smooth.

Up next was one of Jerry’s favourite songs in the whole world and this being Jamie T’s If You Got The Money. Williams literally owned this tune, her vocal tones were sugary sweet which then left me smiling from beginning to end. “It’s a very short song. So don’t think I’ve forgotten half the words” a solo Jerry Williams quipped before delivering the enchanting newie Babe acoustically. This short ditty was sweetly delivered leaving me mesmerised at the same time. Those delightful lyrics revolved around falling in love for the first time “He looks at me/ With water in his eyes/ Wanna get away/ But I know you can’t drive/ I would dive to the depths for you/ Scream down the street till my face turns blue/ Sat in the dark like he’s going to say the word/ You opened your mouth/ But all I heard was Babe”. Straight after it was onto a very old song which Jerry wrote when she was only 15 years old. This being
Stalker. There was a huskiness to Williams’s vocal tones which I found to be reminiscent to Janet Devlin. Anyhow Jerry literally went full throttle and those lyrics were tongue in cheek.


The country tinged Left & Right followed on and this was a barn storming effort. Those tantalising lyrics had me hooked from the very beginning and it quite easily had me moving on the spot. “This song we’re going to play now is about how cool the world can be sometimes” Jerry Williams before they all got stuck into Let’s Just Forget It. Those sumptuous vocals were rather husky/ distinctive and this was a luscious cut about being in love “Honey you said it better/ Than I could ever say it/ Just hold your arms arms around me/ They screw up Let’s just forget it / Honey you said it better/ And I bet you regret it/ Cradle me like a baby/ They screw up Let’s just forget it”. All in all this was a slick song aided by entrancing lyrics and a dreamy melody.

Things then came to a close with the cutesy Grab Life. This tune seems incredibly poignant because those upbeat lyrics basically tell you to live your life to the full because it could end at any moment. Now those quirky lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks and at the same time this number uplifted my spirits.


I’m Not In Love With You
If You Got The Money
Left And Right
Let’s Just Forget It
Grab Life


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