Beauty Sleep @ The Great Escape @ Jubilee Square 19th May 2017



Beauty Sleep are a talented three piece band whom come all the way from Belfast. This exciting export compromise of Ryan McGroarty, Cheylene Murphy and Aimee Williamson. They in fact formed having met at a party and last year they made their emergence with the dazzling debut The Dark. Now this tantalising trio are a sumptuous synth pop act, actually I can draw comparisons with the likes of Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club and Chvrches.

I’ve been waiting for this day the moment I heard singles Living Right and The Dark last August. This three piece played two shows at The Great Escape, the first was at The Hope & Ruin and then the second was the actual showcase taking place at Jubilee Square.


So after Anna Straker finished at The Arch I then made my way to Jubilee Square. At that moment Glaswegian act Spinning Coin were half way through their set. Fast forward to 10.30pm the brilliant Beauty Sleep took to the stage. The tune that opened this succulent set was the luscious Living Right. This was the bands 2nd single and just witnessing it live didn’t disappoint.. Living Right was blissful synth pop aided by wondrous lyrics and delectable hooks. Cheylene’s vocals were incredibly dreamy and Aimee’s harmonising blended with them perfectly. Now this phenomenal song had been perfectly written and the lyrics were extremely infectious “Can you imagine Living Right/ I guess I’ll never know what that feels like/ It seems amazing in my head/ But nothing ever goes from it/ We can’t pretend”. Also the opening sounded very The 1975 esque.


“Hey Brighton. We’re called Beauty Sleep and we’re from Belfast and it’s a real pleasure to be here. Why don’t we start things off with a story. So earlier today the two of us were going to show Aimee the pier. She’s never been. It was really fun and Aimee was hungry so she bought a hot dog and then we all kinda left her on her own for a second. And then this huge seagull just sorta came down from the sky. It was actually a gang of them, I think it was pre meditated. They came down, one got the bun, one got the sausage. It was a disaster there was mustard everywhere. Just be careful out there please” Ryan then mentioned before Cheylene revealed she had broke the keyboard. It was then time for Until We See The Sun, now this upbeat number received its premiere on BBC Radio Ulster. Anyhow this glistening tune saw McGroarty take the lead and the results were pretty spectacular. Plenty of fuzzy indie pop vibes oozed from this captivating cut and then you had Cheylene and Ryan’s impeccable vocal tones. Those delectable lyrics had me hooked “I’m giving you all of me/ Until We See The Sun” plus it easily had me moving on the spot.


Next up you had something brand new and this coming in the shape of First Time. With the Nature Will Eat Me EP out this Summer this  tune has to feature. Anyways this joyous song was synth pop at its best. Murphy took the reigns whilst McGroarty provided the spectacular harmonies. That gorgeous upbeat melody had me tapping my toe plus it was slightly reminiscent to Scottish trio Chvrches. Those sublime lyrics were rather infectious “Let’s get out there/ Breathe in real air” and the whole performance made me think of Paramore during the self titled era.

Once over it was then time for the fresh and funky My Heart. This number was an utter spectacle leaving me grinning from beginning to end. First of all Cheylene’s vibrant vocals were sugary sweet and secondly you had those swirling synths which left me in a trance. Basically the marvelous My Heart was a joy to behold and those beautiful lyrics were extremely addictive.


“We’re called Beauty Sleep, I don’t know if we’ve actually said that yet. But yeah we’re a band called Beauty Sleep, we’re from Belfast. We released a single like yesterday” Cheylene Murphy said before they delved into All In. Ryan took the lead for this phenomenal cut, those lyrics left me captivated whilst the punchy melody resonated plenty of indie vibes. Cheylene’s harmonies blended with Ryan’s lead vocals perfectly which then resulted in something pleasant on my ear.

Straight after it was then time for the first song they wrote together and this being The Dark. McGroarty took the reigns for this whilst Murphy provided the whimsical harmonies. One word for this would be enchanting and it reminded me of a cross between Two Door Cinema Club meets Phoenix. Now the spellbinding The Dark was delivered to perfection and that compelling melody grabbed hold of me.

Things then came to a close with Be Kind. Cheylene mentioned that “It’s about being nice to yourself”. Anyhow this tasty tune started with some ethereal chanting from Murphy, then a minute later Ryan got stuck into the meaty part. Be Kind was a majestical song which resonated plenty of indie rock vibes which they delivered with plenty of gusto.


Living Right
Until We See The Sun
First Time
My Heart
All In
The Dark
Be Kind

OVERALL: Beauty Sleep are an incredible three piece and this delightful 7 song set showed what they have to offer. The majority of the BS live dates have been mainly in Ireland so just having the chance to witness them live was something special. When they were announced to play at The Great Escape this was a showcase not to be missed.

To sum up this performance, this was happy synth pop at its best. Each perfectly delivered tune was sheer bliss and the vocals/ harmonies were top notch.

Unreleased songs My Heart, First Time, Be Kind and Until We See The Sun have me anticipating the release of debut EP Nature Will Eat Me this Summer.


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