RIVRS @ Borderline 22nd May 2017


22nd May saw London based duo RIVRS launch their impeccable The Berlin Mixtape EP. Now I was fortunate to get an invite to this sensational evening. RIVRS are Charlotte Mallory and Fin Munro, they are signed to Charli XCX’s own label Vroom Vroom Records which is a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. Ever since the day I witnessed RIVRS open up for Foxes at the Roundhouse I’ve literally been hooked on the songs they have underneath their belt.

So this superb set compromised of 5 songs from The Berlin Mixtape EP then you had another 2 from the debut EP Falling. 7.20pm came and everything plunged into darkness. What kick started the evening was FMLYMI and this number had been perfectly constructed. The lyrics were infectious and Mallory’s vocals packed a fierce punch.  I was actually reminded of Catherine Pockson from the duo Alpines. Anyways for those who are curious FMLYMI is the abbreviaion for F**k Me Like You Mean It.

After plenty of applause it was then onto I’m In Love (With A German Pornstar). Now this tune is ever so exquisite and oozed plenty of synthy goodness. Those contagious lyrics were sublime and Charlotte’s vibrant vocals were top notch “I’m In Love With A German Pornstar/ I once saw in a bar/ Sitting in a corner in perfect clothes/ Trying not to pose for the camera”. This sleek anthem esque song had me moving to the infectious beat.


Meshed to the ending of I’m In Love (With A German Pornstar) was the fresh and funky Falling. This upbeat jam had infectious lyrics the verses were clear cut and the chorus packed a punch. That chorus painted the picture of falling for an ex partner “Cause I’m falling, falling, falling/ Can’t get you out my mind/ (Get you out my mind)/ Now I’m falling, falling, falling/ Is it just a waste of time?/ (Just a waste of time)/ Maybe I/ Can’t be without you, can’t feel without your love/ Maybe I/ Can’t be without you, can’t feel without your love/ Cause I’m falling, falling, falling/ Falling for you every time”. All in all the performance was literally mind blowing and Mallory’s candy coated vocals reeled me in. Once over it was time for another newie and this coming in the shape of Confidence. Just witnessing this tune live right in front of me left me well and truly spellbound. Those luscious uplifting lyrics were magnificent whist Charlotte’s impeccable vocal tones transformed this into a right epic. Something About You was played immediately after. Now this was extremely blissful, leaving me hypnotised at the same time. Whilst the verses were pure perfection it was the upbeat chorus which left me well and truly hooked “There’s Something About You/ That keeps me alive/ I’m deep underwater/ But I know I’ll survive/ Coz I’m gonna get through/ As long as I’ve got you”. Charlotte’s dreamy vocals were incredibly chilled out and the beats left me in a trance.

Once over it was then time for a bit of Man Of My Dreams. Now I found this breathtaking cut to be extremely hypnotising. Charlotte Mallory’s vocals had me entranced whist those luscious lyrics were incredibly sweet “I’m falling in love with the Man Of My Dreams”. This song had been perfectly written as those smooth lyrics left me completely enthralled. The performance then came to a close with the latest single and that being Bad Karma. I found this epic number to be incredibly funky and those contagious beats had me moving on the spot.


I’m In Love (With A German Pornstar)
Something About You
Man Of My Dreams
Bad Karma


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