Una Healy @ Bush Hall 15th May 2017


Una Healy is a talented singer/ songwriter who comes all the way from Ireland. After The Saturdays went on hiatus Una decided to launch her own solo career. Signed to Decca Records, February saw Healy unveil her debut album The Waiting Game. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the show at St Pancras Old Church, but when that sold out another date was added at Bush Hall. With the fact I’m digging the whole country style I immediately purchased a ticket. Fast forward to the 15th May, I arrived at the venue around 3pm and lucky for me someone I knew was already there. Doors opened on time and I managed to secure my spot at the front. After having witnessed Catherine McGrath it was then time for Una Healy.

This impeccable set opened up with album title track The Waiting Game. This was a sparkling tune which radiated plenty of hypnotising country vibes. This spectacular cut had been well crafted, those verses were mesmerising and then you had the infectious toe tapping chorus “Give me stormy skies/ Give me higher walls to climb, that’s just life/ Light and shade, night and day/ I’m not gonna break, yeah I’m playing The Waiting Game/ When the seas get rough/ And you, you think you’ve had enough of it all/ Let’s go again, ride the hurricane/ We’re not gonna break, yeah we’re playing The Waiting Game”.Those fluffy uplifting lyrics had me smiling from beginning till end. “Hey everyone. Welcome to Bush Hall. I’m very excited to play a headline show here” Una Healy mentioned before diving into All You Ever Need Is Love. Now this was a charming track which Healy delivered to perfection. Her vocals were sticky sweet whilst those lyrics left me compelled, I especially liked the catchy chorus “All you need is someone to hold you tight/ When the storm rages in the night/ When you feel like you can’t go on/ And you’re shipwrecked and all alone/ When you’re down on your knees/ Hoping for salvation, please/ You’ve had enough/ All you ever need is love”.


“This next song I wrote just before Christmas last year. I was thinking about what am I going to write about. I was just on Instagram and I was just looking through everyone’s posts. I thought to myself gosh everyone puts up lovely pictures and everything looks perfect in the world. I’m guilty of it myself. It’s kind of a strange era that we’re living in right now where everything looks so perfect and I decided to come up with a word called Instafearior” Una Healy mentioned before diving into S.O.S. I adored this tune, S.O.S was a fast paced country pop tune aided by captivating lyrics and Una’s succulent vocals.

Once over it was time for a cover which Una sang at a BBC Radio 2 session and this came in the form of Eva Cassidy’s Fields Of Gold. One word for this would be enchanting, Una’s vibrant vocals were so beautiful and tender. Staring At The Moon followed on and this is a phenomenal fast pace toe tapping country tune which left me completely enthralled. Una’s vocals were pristine and the lyrics were fluffy and extremely touching at the same time “We are under the same night sky/ So I will always be by your side”. This delectable song oozed plenty of warmth and it has to get the single treatment someday soon. Things were slowed down for sad love song Please Don’t Tell Me. This this was a whimsical song with lyrics which I fell for hook, line and sinker. Healy’s enchanting vocal tones literally mellowed me out. The story telling lyrics had sprinklings of emotion “To love you/ The way I do/ It’s only gonna end in heartache/ But I’m gonna do it anyway/ Your touch is all I need now/ I can tell your love is fading/ Please Don’t Tell Me”. The second cover of the evening came in the shape of Vance Joy’s Riptide. I’m not a massive Vance fan but Una literally owned this number. I adored her own spin on Riptide, this was a barn storming tune which had me tapping my toe.


Once over it was then time for 2 album tracks and first up it was Angel Like You. Now this was the final song on the record and this was mainly because it’s different compared to the other tunes which featured. Anyways this was a soothing sad song which Una faultlessly delivered. Those sumptuous lyrics were so beautiful and those delectable vocals mesmerised me. Once over it was then time for Craving You. This was a magical number which Una sang to perfection, those lyrics were spellbinding and I really adored the whole stripped back nature. “How you all doing? I think all the people would remember this song. Are there any 90’s music fans out there. 90’s was the best year” Healy then mentioned before getting stuck into Joan Osborne’s One Of Us. Now I’m not familiar with the material Joan has but the moment Una launched into this song I immediately recognised it. Anyways Una Healy owned this pop esque cut, those lyrics were so contagious and everyone sang along to the chorus “What if God was one of us?/ Just a slob like one of us/ Just a stranger on the bus/ Tryin’ to make his way home?. It was then time for the debut single and this being Stay My Love. This is in fact a duet with Sam Palladio (aka Gunner from CMT’s Nashville). Now this number was literally breathtaking. Stay My Love was a beautiful ballad aided by hypnotic lyrics. This had been well crafted and those luscious lyrics had me smiling from beginning to end “Please just Stay My Love/ Don’t you ever walk away my love/ Even just for one more day my love/ Won’t you stay my love”. Following on it was then time for a bit of Alarm Bells and this was a co write with Emm Gryner. This cut was amazing, those compelling lyrics had me hooked and Healy’s candy coated vocals were sheer bliss. This fast paced toe tapped oozed plenty of infectious pop vibes. Out The Door was up next and this being a folkish song which Una wrote for her daughter Aoife. Una literally blitzed through this number and I especially adored the straightforward chorus “Oooh, I miss you baby/ Oooh, I miss you so/ I just wanna say/ I miss you lately/ A million times more every time/ I’m Out The Door”. The penultimate cut was a take on John Denver’s Leaving On A Jetplane. Now this whimsical tune went down well with the audience, Healy’s vocals were so sweet and everyone sang along to the wondrous chorus “So kiss me and smile for me/ Tell me that you’ll wait for me/ Hold me like you’ll never let me go/ ‘Cause I’m Leavin’ On A Jet Plane/ Don’t know when I’ll be back again/ Oh babe, I hate to go”.

Straight after it was time for the curtain closer and this being Battlelines. One word for this song would be epic. This tune was a blissful mix of country meets pop whilst delivered at a fast pace. Una’s vocals were sugary sweet and those lyrics had me hooked “Ooh, light your Battle Lines/ Don’t hide away the fire that burns inside/ ‘Cause outside, it is just you and me/ So no one can lose this, fight/ This fight is for love/ This fight, this fight is for love”. 


The Waiting Game
All You Ever Need Is Love
Fields Of Gold
Staring At The Moon
Please Don’t Tell Me
Angel Like You
Craving You
One Of Us
Stay My Love
Alarm Bells
Black Is The Colour
Out The Door
Leaving On A Jetplane


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