Catherine McGrath @ Bush Hall 15th May 2017


Supporting Una Healy at Bush Hall in May you had the lovely Catherine McGrath. Now Catherine is a country pop artist whose signed to Warner. Her fan base is ever growing having supported the likes of Una Healy, Cam, Kelsea Ballerini and The Shires.

Now this succulent set compromised of 7 songs, 3 of which feature on the debut EP One, 3 featured on the sophomore EP Starting From Now and then you had Wild which has to feature on the debut album whenever that does materialise.

“Hi, so my name’s Catherine McGrath” she said before opening up with the delectable Hell Would Have To Freeze Over. Now this was a delightful country pop jam which revolved around a heartbreak. Basically the guy has done something wrong but wants the girl back. But the girl is having none of it, so she sets him list of impossible tasks if he wants to get back with her “Hell Would Have To Freeze Over/ Drink will start making you sober/ You would have to find me a 5 leaf clover/ Before I let you back in my heart/ Every war would have to be over/ The sun will start getting colder/ You’ll have to catch me a Supernova/ Before I let you back in my arms”. This addictive cut was so entrancing and McGrath’s vocals were so sweet leaving me transfixed at the same time. “This is a song that I always describe the exact same way. This is a song I compare to going on a diet. If you tell yourself that you’re going to stop eating chocolate and you have one more slice of chocolate and you’re like OK Starting From Now. And then you kinda just keep on doing it over and over again. I did that with a person where I was like I’m not going to see this guy again. And then everytime I saw him I was like OK I’m really not gonna” Catherine said to the audience before getting stuck into the whimsical Starting From Now. Now this is the title track of the sophomore EP and it’s so infectious. McGrath’s vocals were candy coated and I fell for those luscious lyrics hook, line and sinker. Basically this song is about Catherine’s weakness for this one boy “Starting From Now/ I don’t answer your calls/ Starting From Now/ I don’t open that door/ But we both know that you’re coming over/ Like you did six times before/ Starting From Now/ I won’t let you back in/ I said it before/ But this time I mean it/ Till I’m waking up beside you saying I’ll never do that again/ Starting From Now”. My favourite part had to be that toe tapping chorus. “This is a song I wrote in Nashville” McGrath then mentioned before diving into Cinderella. She actually wrote this sumptuous song with Liz Rose. Now Liz is responsible for working with Taylor Swift on her first two albums. I found Cinderella to be a swooning ballad and those luscious lyrics were so enchanting “What if tonight’s our night/ What if we kiss just right/ What if we found what we’re looking for in each others eyes/ What if it sets us free/ What if it’s meant to be/ What if it’s that easy/ What if the shoe fits me”. I’ve witnessed this hypnotising song a number of times live and it’s slightly reminiscent to Taylor Swift’s Love Story. “This is a happy song, kinda. About how a new relationship probably will not work out because I feel like that’s how it seems to me at this age. This song’s about the fact even though it’s bound to end badly. Even though whoever you meet probably isn’t the love of your lifeand you’re probably not going to live happily ever after. There’s still a chance you could. I wrote this song about that, a positive negative song” Catherine said before they got stuck into the blitzing Just In Case.  This number uplifting with lyrics which delivered the message never deem a relationship is doomed to fail, give it a chance because you never know you could be that Prince Charming. Now Just In Case was a whimsical effort and Catherine’s sticky sweet vocal tones left me utterly enchanted. This had been perfectly written as the toe tapping lyrics had me hooked from the word go “Just In Case/ You should probably kiss me/ Probably whisper in my ear/ Probably hold me, like you need me/ Before the moment disappears/ Might end up in heartbreak/ Might not be the real thing/ But it could be/ So you should probably kiss me/ Just In Case” and that pacey middle 8 was literally a work of art. “This is one of the first songs I ever wrote” McGrath said before going straight into She’ll Never Love You.  This wondrous cut was extremely smooth and Catherine’s succulent vocal tones were pleasant on my ear. Also the clear cut lyrics were an emotional rollercoaster as they had me picturing a relationship which turned sour and the guy moved on and the girl is basically saying that the new partner wouldn’t be better than me “She’ll Never Love You/ Like I loved you baby/ She’ll never touch you/ Like I touched you baby/ Could have had my heart inside your hands/ But you took that chance away”. Following on it was the song about a Coldplay concert. “This is about a guy who I was just getting to know him. I liked him, he liked me but he just broke up with this girl after 5 years. And they were going to see Coldplay together and then the girlfriend cheated on him and he had no one to go to this concert with. So he decided he would take me. And the whole time he was texting his ex girlfriend” McGrath said before embarking onto the whimsical Wild. Now this song was an utter masterpiece aided by Catherine’s beautiful vocal tones and lyrics which tugged on my heart strings “It was a Coldplay concert/ On a Thursday night/ 40,000 people with there hands in the sky/ Standing by your side I shoulda been singing/ Wishing you were mine, was all that I was thinking/ I know you wanted her when you looked in my eyes/ And you almost kissed me underneath the lights/ It should be me stuck on your mind/ Taking your time/ It should be me, stealing your heart driving you Wild”. What got me was the fact that those lyrics painted the picture of Catherine being so into this guy but he’s not fully over his ex despite her cheating on him. I really hope Wild does make an appearance on a third EP or the debut album. Never Wanna Fall In Love brought this impeccable set to a close. This cut was an emotional ballad revolving around a love that was meant to be, but then one mistake ruins the whole relationship “Shoulda been you standing with me/ Would have been everything we dreamed/ Shoulda been us, Shoulda been trust/ But it was you that messed it all up”.


Hell Would Have To Freeze Over
Starting From Now
Just In Case
She’ll Never Love You
Never Wanna Fall In Love


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