Wildwood Kin @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire 10th May 2017

P1040377Supporting Ward Thomas on the 2nd leg of the Cartwheels tour were family band Wildwood Kin. This tasty trio consist of sisters Beth and Emillie Key and cousin Meghann Loney. Now this tantalising three piece come all the way from Exeter and the genre of the music they play is Folk/ Americana (they are actually similar to The Staves). I was lucky enough to attend the opening night of the Ward Thomas tour at Guildford’s G Live and I was impressed with the original material Wildwood Kin had underneath their belts. Now signed to Sony’s imprint Silvertone  and the debut album imminent, I really do predict promising things for them.

“We’re Wildwood Kin, we have the pleasure of supporting the lovely Ward Thomas. It’s been an awesome tour so far. We’re going to start with our debut single we released last year” Meghann Loney said before they got stuck into Warrior Daughter. This was a sumptuous tune smothered in plenty of Americana goodness and those smoky vocals were sheer perfection. The lyrics were rather blissful which told an empowering story of a passionate mother sending her daughter into battle. Finally you had the tight harmonies which resulted in something rather entrancing. “So we’ve been working on an album for the last 18 months. It’s taken us a while but it’s actually available for pre order on Amazon” Loney mentioned before they got stuck into the latest single and that being The Author. All I can say is WOW, The Author was a well written tune and those wondrous vocals were literally a breath of fresh air. The melody was so chilled out which left me utterly enchanted in the process.


“I think we recognise some of you from the Guildford show. So this is our single yet to be released” Meghann mentioned before they delved into Run. Now this tune was rather promising, Meghann, Beth and Emillie’s succulent vocals combined together perfectly resulting in something rather refreshing.

Once over Meghann mentioned how they played for Radio 2’s BBC Introducing special at Maida Vale. That song in question being Steady My Heart and this was a real epic. Beth took to the keyboard for this tantalising tune which then resulted in something heavy. Meghann’s vocals were incredibly crisp and Emillie and Beth’s harmonies were HAIM esque. Nearing the end everyone clapped along in unison to the beat. “This next song is dedicated to our loved ones lost. It’s about infinity and life after death. We had an amazing year with songwriters last year but it was also quite tough cos we lost two close friends of our family” Loney said before dedicating On & On to them. This tune was a pristine piece of perfection. You had beautiful lyrics which had me hooked from beginning to end and then you had the girls spellbinding vocals which left me in a daze. I was standing there transfixed watching Wildwood Kin perform this touching song right in front of my eyes. I for one hope it’s included on the forthcoming debut album.


Following on it was then time for the only cover of the set and this coming in the shape of Helplessly Hoping. Originally performed by Crosby Stills & Nash this talented trio pulled it off and put their own stamp onto this mesmerising song. “We’ve been Wildwood Kin. You’re all awesome” Meghann said before they left us with the whimsical Taking A Hold. I adored this tune and the performance was out of this world. Those harmonies left me spellbound plus I could also pick up on a bluesy vibe. Finally the luscious lyrics had me hooked from beginning to the very end.

Wildwood Kin do have something incredibly special and I for one cannot wait for the forthcoming debut LP.


Warrior Daughter
The Author
Steady My Heart
On & On
Helplessly Hoping
Taking A Hold


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