MissDefiant @ The Camden Assembly 6th May 2017


MissDefiant are an electro pop duo who consist of Jordan Cather and Emily Adams. Having made their emergence way back in 2015 with the upbeat electro fying Mess With You, this talented twosome remained unsigned. Now I have alot of respect for unsigned bands/ artists because it shows that they are extremely passionate about music.

Now this sumptuous set saw MissDefiant perform tunes from their impressive back catalogue. Plus they even threw in four brand spanking new cuts from the upcoming debut LP. Around 9.35pm Jordan and Emily took to the stage wearing sparkly outfits, the the opening song of the performance was Venus & Mars. Now this was a magical tune aided by shimmering synths, compelling lyrics and both Jordan and Emily’s sugary sweet vocal tones. Just witnessing this delectable tune right in front me left me completely hypnotised. There may have been no falling stars but this sumptuous song hit me like a ton of bricks. Towards the end of this performance you even had a short 30 second dance breakdown. Next it was time for the super sassy Ear Candy and this song was pure pop perfection. This was a delicious song aided by shimmering candy coated vocals and contagious lyrics which packed a punch. Those vibrant verses were rather upbeat and they can easily have you moving on the spot. Straight after it was time for the fantastic Robot. Now this tantalising tune was sheer perfection, those luscious quirky lyrics were highly addictive “Slap my ass it’s made out of metal/ Got more class than a Hotpoint kettle” and the succulent super sassy vocals were pleasant on my ear. Now Robot was rapped pop and those vivacious vocals reminded me of both Daphne & Celeste and Ke$ha. Infused to the ending of Robot was the fresh and funky Messed Up.  This gorgeous track was performed to perfection and those impeccable lyrics had me entranced from the word go. All in all this was a fun fueled cut which resonated plenty of upbeat electro pop vibes. Things were then taken down a notch for newie Boy Queue. Now this was a sleek jam which can quite easily have you grooving on the spot. This exquisite number had been well crafted as those sumptuous lyrics left me in a trance “It’s funny how quickly/ People are to judge/ Decisions on the outside/ And they hold a grudge/ Regrettably for you/ You missed out on a gem/ That’s fine/ I don’t care”. After that epic newie it was then time for the captivating Calculator. I literally adored this majestic tune, Calculator had fantastic catchy lyrics and then you had Jordan and Emily’s sassy but sweet vocal tones. This was a glorious pop tune with added dance hall vibes “It’s not rocket science/ You need a Calculator?/ Chain reaction it’s going on in here/ It’s not rocket science/ You need a Calculator?/ You plus me is/ Solve it right now”. The next song of the set came in the shape of ICYMI. Everything about this was spot on, both Jordan’s and Emily’s vocals resonated plenty of attitude and that melody suck its claws into me “ICYMI in case you missed it/ I’m a bad girl and your never gonna kiss this/ ICYMI I know you missed this/ Ha, ha OMG you better put this on your wishlist”. The opening melody is slightly reminiscent to Upper Street’s The One (now Upper Street were a super group created on MTV’s Totally Boyband in 2006. This group consisted of Dane Bowers, Bradley McIntosh, Jimmy Constable and Danny Wood). It was then onto a song about the social media. This breathtaking number being Social Media and it was a right corker. The uber contagious lyrics packed a weighty punch and saw the girls name check the likes of Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Periscope “Tag me, like me, Periscope me”. I literally adored those quirky lyrics and I for one cannot wait to listen to the studio version of this glimmering song. After it was then onto You Can’t Sit With Us. Now this was a Mean Girls inspired song aided by plenty of electro pop vibes and luscious lyrics which oozed plenty of attitude. Anyways this infuriating tune was ever so dazzling and both Jordan’s and Emily’s rapped vocals were sugary sweet. Those extraordinary lyrics were rather bitchy “You Can’t Sit With Us/ You Can’t Sit With Us/ Hey, hey/ You Can’t Sit With Us/ You Can’t Sit With Us/ No way”. The set then came to an end with the phenomenal 133T. This cut was literally a full on electro pop explosion, that delectable melody is perfect for any club and the vocals packed a fierce punch. Parts of this sumptuous song reminiscent to Girls Aloud’s Something Kinda Oooh.


Venus & Mars
Ear Candy
Messed Up
Boy Queue
Social Media
You Can’t Sit With Us

OVERALL: This was one enjoyable evening spent witnessing music that I adore. MissDefiant’s performance was power pop at its best, if I was to sum up the set in one word I would say ENERGETIC. Jordan and Emily have something incredibly special and the songs which they have under their belt are a credit to them. In fact each track is self penned and they sounded so incredible live. Actually the evening felt like a Greatest Hits with a few new numbers added in for good measure. After hearing those stupendous new tunes, my anticipation for the debut album this September has heightened.


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